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zit on healed back of hand tattoo? or something else?


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i've never had a zit on the back of my hand, so i'm not sure what it could be. the tattoo is 3 months old so definitely healed. i was supposed to get this part touched up, but is it safe to tattoo over the bump? what could this be? thanks :)

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6 hours ago, Hogrider said:

It doesn't look like a zit to me. I wouldn't get a touch up on any skin that had an issue. Wait for it to heal.


4 hours ago, SStu said:

I don't know how old you are - but in any case as you get older you will notice all kinds of new shit and other blemishes developing on your body. Most won't be tattoo related. 😉

ok, thanks guys. i guess i'll just have to wait longer to touch it up. 

i know i should see a dermatologist for these things, but i don't want them to be like "biopsy" or "remove tattoo". when i look at it closely (hard to see because of ink covering it, i know), it looks like a small darker indent dot center like how ingrown hairs look, so maybe it is just an ingrown hair. i'm ok with waiting to get touched up, my main concern is just if it's anything super serious i should worry about since it's been three months since i got the tattoo and hair should've grown back by now. anyway, thanks. 

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2 hours ago, oboogie said:

I've had a spot like that on a tattoo I got 9 years ago. It's just a bump. I think you are worrying too much. Just wait a while and see what happens with it. I've never heard of a dermatologist telling someone to get a tattoo removed.

yeah, i know you're probably right. my brain always goes to worse case scenarios lol. it's on a part that cracked and scarred a little even though it healed totally flat, so my first thought was it's a keloid that's going to turn into this huge thing taking over half my body despite not even being a person prone to keloids, or that a derm would have to take a huge chunk out of it for biopsy messing up my tattoo, or it's skin cancer, etc etc. Ridiculous, i know lol. i'm sure it's nothing like you say though and i know i'm worrying too much heh. 

did you ever find out what it was for you and did it end up going away? 


thanks for your reply btw.

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