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I know a bunch of us have this app because I've seen lots of you there. So if you care to share what's your user name?

I'm @threadwizard

for those that may not know it's a photo sharing iphone app

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Instagram is a program for the iPhone that changes the look of a photo and allows you to upload to twitter or Facebook. It manipulates the photo and can give it a look as if it was taken with an old-style camera.

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that's hipstamatic Reyselv

instagram is and iphone app that's like twitter but for photos.. and you can only see your friends photos if you also have the app...

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Mine's scott_

Try the app snapseed for general editing of photos on the iphone, its really good and free. You can also upload the image to anywhere from the app or just save it to the camera roll.

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Excellent app for checking out the latest tattoos from your fav artists, and as said before its on android now.

I use it just for following artists from round the world.

@ pauljessleah

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