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is it okay to get a tattoo on the curvature of your forearm?

Asthma Inhaler Jim

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I was thinking of getting a tattoo on my forearm in a place thats not quite on the top, or the side of it, but on the curvature between the top and the side.

i suppose this will cause the tattoo to kind of wrap around the curvature a little bit. is this something that should be avoided for any reason? 

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  • Asthma Inhaler Jim changed the title to is it okay to get a tattoo on the curvature of your forearm?

I usually bring my ideas to my artist and since he knows better about placement regarding muscular shapes and whatnot, he’ll tell me whether something will work or not in that area. As someone who likes tattoos but isn’t a tattoo artist, I always forget that the shape of the muscle and the way it moves needs to be considered. For the most part, my ideas have been able to work on where I wanted them but maybe a slight alteration in placement and/or design that still ends up working for both per my artist’s expertise 

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