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This doesn't look normal


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Good morning, 

I have a quarter sleeve and recently went back for additional color. However, I don't think this is normal. I have have scabbing in some areas. Is this normal? See pics



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That’s the thing. I am barely putting any on it. I don’t think it is infected but I did notice that this area oozed a lot the first day. I have had several tattoos before but never had this happen. Out of the entire colored portions those sections are the only 2 that look this way. I am careful when washing because that part only gets soft again. Also, the one in my elbow crease may take longer to heal I guess. 

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As @oboogie said, if it's not hot to the touch and there's no pus, you're probably OK. Not much you can do at this point except wait for it to heal. Scabs that thick will likely take a couple of months, so pour a drink, light a bowl and relax. Your skin is shiny, and that usually means there is too much lotion. If I had scabs like that I'd probably let it dry heal.

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1 hour ago, Trish said:

Oboogie, scab came off. I think because it is in the crease every time I bend my arm the skin was separating. Again, I’m a nurse I definitely know better than to mess with scabs on wounds. 

Not judging you. Nurse or not, people pick at tattoos all the time.

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    • I was able to add a picture I understand it will heal and fade eventually but I think the contrast of the ink is a different shade then the ink I already have. Also I feel like it’s a very busy tattoo for not being done.. can the white ink really change that like he says?
    • the new hand tattoo will be darker brighter more vivid than the rest of your  settled in sleeves.The hand tattoo will probably look more cohesive and not stand out so much once it settles in 6 months (without seeing it)
    • About two weeks ago I got my first hand tattoo, not my first tattoo or anything I have both sleeves done completely and even a neck tattoo. The hand tattoo is a tribute to my grandpa, it is a anchor with a banner with his name and there is a spider web to fill the rest of my hand as background. I would post a picture but I am writing this off a computer.  anyways I feel like the tattoo came out very dark in contrast compared to the rest of my sleeve it stands out and doesn't flow at all with it almost like I have a dark glove on, Idk if he did this because it is my hand and it does not hold ink as well so he was planning ahead but the web is very dark and over powers the anchor and my hand is covered in black ink. I know it is a new tattoo and its still angry and it will fade and calm down into a lighter color once it has healed but it still looks like its gonna have a darker contrast then the rest of the ink going all the way up my arm. I talked to my artist and he said the tattoo isn't done and there is still a lot of detail and white ink to be added to the whole tattoo to make it look better. but when i look at it it doesn't look like much can really be done because how covered my hand is in black ink from the web so I'm not sure what his plan really is . can the white ink he plans to throw in there really change the whole tattoo and how it looks/flows? Can tattoos look like this when they are unfinished and still need detail?  He is a great artist and I have been going to him for over a year now and I trust him because of the amazing sleeve he's done. I've heard of post anxiety from tattoos and I've defiantly had it before for maybe one or two out of the countless tattoos I have so I am aware it happens.  also maybe because its my hand and its uncoverable and always right in front of me maybe that is making the post tattoo anxiety a lot more intense? Brand new here was hoping to get some feed back maybe from some people that has experienced the same or tattoo artist out there that might have a response to this. Thank You.
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