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tattoo artist im trying to book stopped responding to my DMs

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i DM'd a tattoo artist i want to book on instagram and he said hed love to do the tattoo for me. he gave me a price range and he told me two dates hed be available but when i asked what time would be okay for him for one of the dates he didnt respond. 

all of this took place within two DM exchanges (2 from me, 2 from him) which he responded to in about 1-2 days. on i think last thursday he posted on his instagram that he would be answering all of his emails and DMs that day and the next but my DM still didnt get answered. I waited about five days (since the last DM i sent) and sent him a DM again asking about what time would be okay for him. its now been a week and he still hasnt responded.

today was actually one of the two dates he said hed be available so i obviously didnt meet with him. the other date he said he was available on is coming up next week so im still hoping ill get a response before then. i plan on sending him another DM maybe thursday to try and get some confirmation on meeting up for an appointment.

on one hand 

-he said hed love to do it 

-he gave me a price 

-he gave me dates hed be available 


on the other hand 

- his responses went from 1-2 days to it being a week with no reply 
- he posted on his instagram that hed be answering all of his DMs and emails but didnt reply to my DM 

- one of the dates he said he was available has already passed with no response from him 


im not sure what to think. 

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