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Backlash to TLC, SPike TV & other Tattoo TV Shows

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Often times people resist, ignore, or fight back without a solution to a problem except in hopes of extinction or wanting change without offering another alternative route. This can have its strengths and opportunities for changes. So in response to the new thread on TLC's new show, Spike TV spamming LST with their new show, and all the other talk that has occurred in the short life of LST we have come up with an idea......

We understand those shows are going to do what they do but how about using your social networking sites to show those new to tattooing and/or unfamiliar with tattooing outside of what the media feeds them some other options? We noticed some people were blogging, tweeting and/or status updating LST instead of TLC (which was a nice compliment, thanks) so people saw an alternative. Also we noticed people on here saying they would not give these networks and/or production companies their time. Also we saw what we believe a large amount of people were doing, posting/tweeting the hell out of mentions of fighting these companies. It was insane to see how much resistance was to this new show and seemed like every second or third news feed mentioned this. Which what this does is make it viral and it is free press causing more "trainwreck" material for the network, show, and production company fueling their venture. There is no right or wrong way to fight this as you need to do what you believe in.

We, LST, have come up with a few motos that we have been using on our networking sites to post rather than give them any more of our time and thought we would publicly put it out there for anyone else who wishes to try a alternative route to showing the public what tattooing is really like (thanks for the RT & Repost by the way already). LST was developed and continues to be developed to try to help build a real, positive, and helpful bridge between tattooers and customers both long time and new, so REAL conversations can happen hopefully equating to better tattoos and more informed respect and perspectives on tattooing. We believe in the less than a year we have been around we have done an alright job but continue to work on making it better and could not do any of it without all of you, so thanks! Below are some of the mottos we are status updating, tweeting, etc and if you feel inclined please use some of the below and/or make up your own so we can try to take back some of the power large tattoo tv has been given....

Fuck TLC and Spike TV SUPPORT LST, Tattoo Artist Interviews http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/6-tattoo-artist-interviews.html

Get your Tattoo TV Sanity & support LST, Tattoo Artist Interviews http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/6-tattoo-artist-interviews.html

Take back the power from large tattoo tv & SUPPORT LST. RT & show the public what U really support!! http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/6-tattoo-artist-interviews.html

RT so the people can see real reality tattoo tv! Don't give Spike & TLC your time or energy!! http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/6-tattoo-artist-interviews.html

+plus other variations but the point is to try and get people to see real talk from tattooers in the tattoo artist interview area (or if you have another area that you think is informative have at it).

Thanks for your help, continual support and participation with us to try and make a better resource on the internet for tattooing! This site is nothing without all of you & your positivity, respect, and passion for tattoos!

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I don't have a facebook,or twitter,but i talk with a lot of people on the street with tattoos,and give out business cards to good shop's,and always try to remember to wright on the back of the cards this website,and a few other good tattoo blog's.I just try to inform the people i meet on the street how to go about getting good work.I just wish TLC didn't make these shows like soap opera's.I think the artists they have on NY Ink are real good,but it's all the other garbage that turns you off.

Although i really like Tim & Tommy's work,i wouldn't get tattooed at that shop.It's weird some people you meet on the street,and they think you have to go to these shops to get the best work.I know a girl from Jersey who flew to Miami to get a tramp stamp.She said she wanted it done right.Well she ended up spending 800.00 for a tattoo she could have gotten for probably half that,plus the plane ticket,and hotel.Some people are just really uninformed;But it's sites like this that will hopefully point people in the right direction to gaining more knowledge about this amazing craft.Does that make any sense?If it doesn't,don't blame me,i only made it to the 9th grade.

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Tweeted. I've definitely been on the quiet side of this for exactly the reasons listed there. I feel like spamming my own Facebook with anti-TLC propaganda could just make more people curious to want to check it out and see how bad it could possibly be. Namely, all my relatives who probably watch TLC all day every day anyhow.

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