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Something off about new tattoo


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So I just got these tattoos done on my arms. I had discussed with the artist about how I wanted traditional style swallows and showed examples to them. The sketch/stencils I felt like looked good, but after being shaded, I just am not happy with the way they turned out. I feel like something is wrong with the coloring but I cannot put my finger on what. Am I having tattoo anxiety or does anyone see what I’m talking about? Are they pretty bad? 







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hi, and yes, you should have done more and better research on "american traditional" artists to go to.


this tattoo is not done well IMO,

so live with it , maybe have a better artist touch it up or rework it after it's healed,

and please don't consider laser removal,it's not as good as most poeple think, it's very painful, takes many visits, and does not really "remove" a tattoo,

and then chalk it up to a lesson learned and research your next tattoo.

start finding good artists that do a style you like on instagram and follow them for a while. go to conventions,look on FB,talk to other tattooed poeple.

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They aren't American traditional. Research on artists and styles is key. 

Let them heal, and maybe they can be touched up/reworked later. But just live with them for now.

The more I look at them, the more they look like someone did them with a magic marker. Very strange style.

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