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Excessive bleeding/unfinished tat

Larra Kitchens

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Hi.  I don't have a tatoo myself.  I took my 18 year old son to get a tat on his right shoulder.  It was looking good but after 4 hours the artist said my son was bleeding too much and he didn't feel comfortable continuing because he didn't want to "beat up" his arm too much.  He said we should let it heal for 6 weeks and schedule another appointment to finish the tatoo.  It healed well. But when we went back, the artist stopped about 5 minutes in, saying that he his still bleeding too much, diluting the ink.  He said he could beat up his arm, but the excessive bleeding would not improve the look of the tatoo and he didn't want to take our money.  He suggested we wait, everyone do some research, maybe speak to a dermatologist and return in a few months.  My son is 6'1" 220.  He works out a lot and drinks a TON of water and hydrating products.  The artist thinks he's retaining water....thus making the excessive oozing....My son also has ruddy skin (reddish/rosacea).  Any ideas how we can prevent this excessive bleeding so we can completed this tatoo?  Thank you for you suggestions/comments.

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