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New here please help!


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Hi there I’ve been searching the internet in hopes to calm myself. I got a tattoo Wednesday it’s now Sunday. The top of my tattoo is beautiful healing nicely. The lower bit of my tattoo is red and feels sunburnt, quite inflamed. I have other tattoos which have not done this. I have been told it looks overworked I’m cleaning it daily and using the cream recommended to me. I’m worried of infection and of how it may look when finished. Sorry to be a pain, not the best initiation I know. 😭



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First, it takes 6 - 8 weeks to heal. Unless it's oozing, painful and hot, you're probably fine. Second, YOU ARE DROWNING THAT TATTOO. Use just enough ointment to keep it moist. Too little is better than too much. I'd wipe off all the lotion, wash it and let it breath for a day. Then tomorrow, just put on a tiny touch of lotion. 

You may want to try a cold pack on it a couple of times a day too.

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