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I don’t think I like my new tattoo..


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I got the back of my arm, (tricep) tattooed earlier this week and I’m struggling to come to terms with it. I feel like it’s super big for my arm and I should have gotten it quite a bit smaller or changed the placement. I was going to put it on the inside of my arm, but for whatever reason decided on putting it where everyone can see. I love the idea of the tattoo, it’s my family’s birth flowers but I’m still dealing with some regret. 😞 any thoughts on what to do?? Would you guys say this is a big tattoo? (Pic is after it was freshly done)D96047E7-F95E-4BBE-B94D-E42EB138AC8E.thumb.jpeg.33d2f65c752a430adaccde077f60e5bf.jpeg

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