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Hi I wanted to get a full sleeve started on my arm but was abit naive when started, all my ideas my artist went against an due to his computer breaking only had ideas in a photo book so chose an idea then I ended up going to another artist who is brilliant but the one pyramid one I got which was the first artist just does not go with the rest, i started to think the more I filled my arm up the better it would start looking but don’t wanna finish the arm and it still look not right .I like the rest but I just feel it really doesn’t look right and I’m unsure whether to try and make the rose and skull darker so maybe it blends in more or I’ve been advised to laser remove everything so it fades then get a big dark cover up, I really like the angel, rose and dragon and feel like if that other one wasn’t there it would mix well but I’m unsure if it’s cos different artists draw differently and use different ink which is why it looks so different, feel like I should’ve thought a lot more an gone for one big sleeve piece but too late for that now so going to try and do what’s best, been told just lasering that one won’t really be possible don’t know if I’m overthinking but makes me feel down if it doesn’t look right, any advice and help would be great Thankyou do I carry on with the sleeve or do something 

thanks guys 





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On 9/7/2021 at 12:18 PM, Kw12345 said:

So you think leave that part as it is? Not even add a little bit more shading to skull and rose 

"A little" is very subjective. In my opinion, if you you do that, the other parts of the tattoo will then look too light. I think it would be extremely difficult to do that uniformly.

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