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Hey all! Does this seem like a good artist?


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Hi! I've read this forum so much to learn more about tattoos that I thought it's really time I join. 

I have two tattoos from my college days. I really researched and picked the best artist available in my city. Sadly, the options were limited and I should have travelled 😅. A decade on and I plan to get one covered, and one spruced up.

I don't want to make the same mistake, especially since I have a larger piece (whole side of thigh) in mind. I've been window shopping artists for months and always come back to this one. I just absolutely love her style and ability to mix realism and stylized elements. However, my knowledge stops at "hey that looks cool", I have no idea about technique. Is someone willing to take a quick look at her portfolio and tell me if she seems like a good, professional choice?


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This is the first project (upper thigh), the one I plan to spruce up. I love my lady, except for the fact she is farting a thunder storm 😅 I'll let the artist fill it in how they like, but hopefully still keeping it colour. The photo is horrible but it is still as vibrant as the day I got it (it has seen sun about 10 times 😂). The rest will be black and white (greyscale?). Stylized mountains above, semi-realism wildflowers underneath and running down my thigh about half way, and half a mandela on my bum. I looooove mixed styles and colour/greyscale, but I am 0% artistic so it'll be completely up to the artist to decide what works and what doesn't. Should end up being a pretty big project.


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