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I have a fear of never seeing the skin colour under my tattoos ever again


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Hey idk if this is the right place to put this but I haven't really seen people talk about this online.

I'm scared of the idea of never seeing the natural colour of my under after I get inked.

Is this weird because I want to get tattoos and I love the way they look but I have such a deep fear that its holding me back from getting any.


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They already told you, but I want to repeat: if you feel like this, do not get a tattoo.

Please, don't take that as a dismissive, who-cares answer: it's actually the most caring thing someone could recommend you, because if the fear you experience is strong enough to make you write about it on a public forum then it's not so unlikely that it would make you regret (really, strongly regret: a deep, encysted fear is not something you should underestimate) getting a tattoo.

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