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Hi everyone, I'm Micheal from Brisbane, Australia. Came across the forum today, did some lurking, read some great threads and thought "this is the place for me".

I'm a collector of mostly Japanese style work, but still have a party leg for everything/anything else that may come up ;)

Cheers to the moderators and crew who put this forum together and I look forward to all the shits and giggles to come!

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Thanks people!

@ Gouge - Cheers! Very aware of Trevors' work, the guy is crazy good and its a goal to get something from him sooner rather than later

@ Lochlan - thanks mate and cheers for what you do for the forum!

@ Bigjoe - Brisbane is about 2 1/2 hours by plane which isn't that far, but it doesn't make it easier either haha. I have a 3/4 sleeve done by my homie Stooks while he was @ Westside Tattoo in Brisbane (Amazing shop!). Doing Stuff here is a link to said sleeve and his Tumblr. I've also had work done by my good friend Luke Muller @ True Love Tattoo (Brisbane - Also amazing) and have just started my other sleeve with Horinao @ The Cat Claw Tattoo-z in Kyoto. Will be back there end of August and I am itching to say the least! haha

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