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Still healing?


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Hi, I got my tattoo on July 24th I was following the aftercare instructions I ran out of the soap I was using to clean it so changed to another, I had a reaction to the new soap I was using which caused my tattoo to swell and burn quite a bit, it’s still shiny in the main part that had the reaction, will this go down or will it stay shiny? I’m not sure if the reaction caused the healing process to slow down 


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On 11/19/2021 at 4:58 PM, SStu said:

Almost 4 months later your tattoo shouldn't need any special soap at all. Also shouldn't be reacting differently than any other part of your non-tattooed skin. 

No I stopped using soap a long time ago, but when I was it caused a reaction, the more shaded areas of my tattoo are shiny than others, will this settle in? 

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