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  2. Mystery tattoo machine??

    Ive aquired this what was claed to be a vintage tattoo machine i cant find any proof or info on it anyone have any ideas??? If so any help would be greatly appreciatted.
  3. I agree, I don't think it looks bad at all. It is your decision, it's on your body. I'd just live with it for a while and not rush into any additions or changes.
  4. Welcome to LST. How old is that tattoo? It looks great to me and if it's as fresh as I think it is, let it settle in before you decide to add to/tweak it. I'd be afraid that adding much else would make it too busy and hard to read.
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  6. What to do with this tattoo?

    I should have worked it out that you meant laser! Okay folks, thanks. I would agree that lasering is a good starting point.
  7. What to do with this tattoo?

    We are mostly collectors, not artists. I tend to agree with Hogrider. Start with some laser.
  8. Hey guys, i just got this new tattoo on my inner bicep to my forearm, it’s a Phoenix (Chinese/Japanese style). What are your opinions? I feel it lacks detail. Should I ask the artist to add more detail? If so, where do you think? Thanks
  9. Thanks for your replies :) I already decided to put it on my ankle!
  10. Tattoo Photography

    I would look for tattoo conventions in your area. I'm sure you'd find lots of people who would like to have their tattoos photographed. You might also consider just asking people you see with interesting tattoos. Make sure you have a consent form with you in case you want to take a pic on the spot.
  11. What to do with this tattoo?

    I meant laser removal. Damn spellcheck!
  12. I've never understood putting a small tattoo on a big part of your body like shoulder blades. To me, that sort of thing looks like an inner bicep or back of the neck (and the nape, where the neck meets the back?) type thing, but of the options you've given, the ribs sounds best. I'm not an artist, just giving an opinion :) Good luck, and enjoy your new tattoo, whatever you decide!
  13. What to do with this tattoo?

    Thanks Hogrider, and I hear what you're saying. It's going to take a bit of work all right. What do you mean by later removal? I was hoping there were some qualified tattoo artists on here though that might be able to offer some insight into what I could do. Problem is, I live in Dubai, where you can't just find a tattoo parlour on the street, so I'm hoping for some info online. Cheers, S.
  14. I would think that the artist that you are going to have do the tattoo would probably give you the best advice. In the worst scenario, they put the stencil on, you check it out and don't like it, they put it someplace else. You could do something similar if you could print the design and move it to the different places and check it out in the mirror. Nice design. Best of luck.
  15. Last week
  16. Exactly. If you are going to put it on your ribs, will you be comfortable dressing so that people will see it (assuming you ever want people to see it)? Also, I like big pieces, as you can see from my avatar, so I would be reluctant to put a small piece where I might want to put a big piece later.
  17. What to do with this tattoo?

    I would not do anything else with that until you get a qualified tattoo artist to work out a plan to fix it. Take your time, get lots of referrals. That is not going to be easy or cheap to fix. I think any fix is going to require lazer removal. Good Luck
  18. met up with Greg Christian and Oliver, got a little filler from another artist there, @hooliganz_art did the sea turtle, had a good day mingling and bullshitting.
  19. What to do with this tattoo?

    Hi all, Any ideas/advice you could provide on this would be a major help as I’m at a loss with what to do with this tat. The upper half is a cover of an old black tribal that is just too dark. The red in the flowers has black ink seeping through them and, after a couple of lasering sessions, I’ve made it worse by making parts patchy. I mostly like the bottom half but I want to do something with the top that would make it look better. I would also like to do something to improve the patchy bits on the inner arm (above the purple flower). Any ideas? I would be willing to do some more lasering, if necessary, or could white ink be the savior? Let me know if anyone has any ideas, thanks. Steve
  20. Considering a mirror image of a flag tattoo before I start on a large summer project piece on my back. How many here have a mirror image of a tattoo on the same body part?
  21. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    love the colour of the flowers. you’re tough!
  22. I am not sure where to put my tattoo, could you help me?

    Tattoo design/placement depends on a lot of factors - your personal anatomy being a huge one. Future tattoo placement is something that should also be considered. With that said, I like seeing pieces that curve like that on the side boob of women.
  23. Fueling the culture / getting tattooed by big names

    Please tell me you are totally being sarcastic? First night back on LST... and I'm going back to the Eternal Order after catching up on this quilting bee gossip and asshole excuses..... I will not pretend to be tough, or brush off this shade... Rude much. What's your real name so I can tell all our friends to avoid tattooing you. Cause no one has time for some new kid acting like the "tattoo police."
  24. Hello! This will be my 3 tattoo, I already have 2 but very small. I will have this design but I am not sure where to put it, I was thinking about my shoulder blade, thigh or ribs (but i am scared about the ribs because i know is very painful) I also want a place that can be easily covered. Could you give me any suggestions, please. This is the photo of the design.
  25. I'm in town (in Northern Cincinnati) for my day job for a while, and would like to branch into tattoo photography (currently doing product photography) on my down time. I like tattoos and I like photography so seems fun. Anyone here in the area wanna meet up and get some shots of your work? Artists or canvases. You can have use of the images. My photo work can be seen on IG @Damage_photos if you wanna see what I do. Again, I currently do product photos with some lifestyle photos here and there. Mods, apologies is this isn't appropriate to post. No self promotion, just wanting to expand my skills/experience. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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