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  3. OK folks, I was able to restore the thread, but unfortunately the most recent backup that contained it was from March, so we have lost the past 5 months or so of posts there. very sorry about that. I'm going to take measures to both prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future, and improve the backup retention system. Thanks for your patience and understanding with this, I'm sure it's frustrating for those of you who had posted there recently.
  4. I was also searching for it.
  5. +1 @Boiled Dove and @oboogie Sending light and hugs!
  6. That does seem to be the case. Stand by while I see what I can do to restore it.
  7. Am I losing my mind, or did the Latest Tattoo Lowdown thread in the General forum disappear?
  8. I really seem to love to give myself heartache and pain. That is all.
  9. Last week
  10. Shamus Mahannah He also did another one that I posted somewhere around here.
  11. my 2nd tattoo and newest tattoo,start of my full japanese sleeve..9 hours..very happy with it :) not sure what to fill the empty space with thinking maybe japanese dragon or samuria but it might too much one arm..gunna keep it japanese tho any ideas
  12. And I got this over the weekend from Henry Big. OH.MY.GOD. how I love it! Lots of hidden images. :)
  13. OUCH. True, but OUCH. In all seriousness, don't do death by a thousand pin pricks. Get it lasered and find someone else to fix it right. Putting a big splotch of black on your leg is not how a coverup is supposed to work. That thing is like a panther in a cave eating a chocolate bar. Good luck, the idea is actually kind of cool, just not well executed.
  14. or make a big, black band around your leg. Is an actual shop doing that to you?
  15. Either leave it or get it lasered off and start all over. Nothing is going to make it not look like a giant spot of black ink.
  16. Ask your Dom.
  17. Sorry, what?
  18. my advice is to stop adding to it
  19. Just joined with plenty of questions about a first tattoo As my username indicates a submissive and I am happy to be asked to be tattoed with an "F" in a place very discreet Even got the design attached ... So few questions ... could that design be made small to be discreet or better to just use the "F" ? what would be the most discreet place ? inner thigh ? was suggested white to add to the discreet, would that work ? Thank you all !!
  20. No after shows @Gingerninja, but there was good stuff all weekend. Finally seeing X was a highlight. Biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed M.I.A's set. Not sure what I expected from her but a big disco dance party wasn't it. She was fun.
  21. Hello! Okay, so I got this tattoo as a cover up a good couple of months ago, and have been trying to add to to it so that it doesn't look a "giant ink spot" as everyone likes to point out. We've tried using white ink to define the curls in her hair, but the ink didn't stay very well and it didn't end up looking how we imagined (we were attempting for it to define the afro a bit). So now I'm out of ideas, and in search of some new ones, so if anyone has any please share! Thank you a ton!
  22. My guess would be less than 6 hours
  23. I've had an enormous half sleeve done in six hours, so there is no way on earth that will take that long unless you have the world's slowest tattoo artist. I'd think less than two hours.
  24. It's rather unlikely to take that long...might actually take less than half that time. But as zetroc said, it'll depend on a number of factors. Enjoy!
  25. thanks heaps mate its not the money but i want to get some more done in my time frame it would be about the size of a close fist.. do you think 6 hours would be an ample amount of time? cheers mate
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