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  2. Yeah, that's fairly dark - so a lot depends on what you're intending to go over it with. That, and who the artist is.
  3. Is your tattoo artist experienced in coverups? What are you getting in covered up with? A lot of people do some laser to lighten up what they have before they get a new tattoo. That is not going to be easy or cheap to cover up well. There are a lot of variables.
  4. Hello! I am about to have my hand tatooed and would like to have it go on "top" on my current sleeve. I was thinking past the red flames that you see. I am wondering if it means my new tattoos needs to be solid black to go on top for it to cover up? Because I wouldn't want the flames to stick out of nowhere or have the lines from the bricks show up in the new one. It's my first time getting a tattoo on top of another one, so I just want to make sure! Thanks so much for your time! Pictures
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  6. I got this one last week from Lukas Speich at XXX Tattoo in Lucerne, Switzerland. I stole the idea from a story that Yoni Zilber retold from Bill Salmon, in a Podcast... there was a dude who saw someone's tattoo and said, "That's a pretty cool tattoo. I got a tattoo also, but mine's a little cooler." He showed the tattoo and there it was... a little cooler. 😉😉 I chose the classic Igloo Playmate, but the wording was too small to tattoo. So, I asked Lukas to add a little Swiss flag and he went with a red cross. It's kinda funny to me, as it now looks like it could be used to transport an organ donation.
  7. Yeah, it's crazy! Hope that you are healing better, too. My knee is crazy jacked up. I am sure that I will need a touch up eventually!
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  9. 😂 you looked familiar, but I wasn't sure. You also seemed to be well into the pains of a chest tattoo. Looks dope!
  10. Got a new one from Ian Haight at Sideshow Alley Tattoo in Portland, OR. This was surprisingly more spicy than my bear knee tattoo. Who knew?
  11. really ? you should have said hi ! we could have gotten a small loan and split a beer ! LOL
  12. @Dan I thought i recognized you! i was sitting right there at the Raking Lights Project booth! I think your hair got longer and my hair got shorter. 😁 I went on Sunday only and refrained from getting anything too expensive. Chad was trying to sell me some original pieces, but I couldn't pull the trigger. The best thing I got was a zine from Jason Tyler Grace.
  13. It doesn't matter that much then unless you are all covered with them xD
  14. "It's a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford - slowin' down to take a look at me" 🎙️🎵
  15. Just got home yesterday from a 13 day 4200 mile motorcycle trip with the wife. Took US70 from Tennessee to its Western terminus in Arizona, then back roads to Williams, train to the Grand Canyon, returned via US60 with a side trip to the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest. Also a stop to stand on a corner when a hot girl in a truck pulled up.
  16. Not irritating at all, about 2 or 3mm in size and slightly red.
  17. Basically you don't have to but it would be better waiting a little bit if they are really irritating. Send a photo of your forearm, just in case.
  18. New here and had my first tattoo two weeks ago, planning on getting some more. Got a few tiny bug bites on my forearm, do I have to wait until they're gone to get my Tattoo ( on forearm ) Thanks
  19. I just got a little one,my wife's name,I love Em's fine line. I have a bunch more of the show I will post later.
  20. Yes, it goes away. Next time you use -derm, don't pull it off in an upwards motion. Start by pulling it outward on both sides to break the surface tension, and go slow. In my experience, that is less painful and the skin doesn't get quite so irritated.
  21. Hope you're having a blast 😞 I'm on the opposite side as well. send pics!
  22. Enjoy! Have a great day. Once again, I am on the wrong coast. Actually, I'm not even on a coast but you get my drift.
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