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  2. Update: The weird pinpricking lasted about two days and went away on its own. Tattoo is on track and healing normally. My doc said it was likely some sort of auto-immune response, as I don't seem to be allergic. Not sure if it will happen on future tattoos, since it had never happened to me before.
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  4. hey all! i just got my fourth tattoo 4 days ago, and it’s the first one that’s visible to me 24-7 (others are on my back, my upper arm, and my inner lip). i’ve even paranoid about this healing process because i see it all the time! my lines have gotten a little bit thicker. i’m wondering if this is normal healing or if this is the beginning of a blowout. which do you think? i know that either way, it will be at least 3-4 weeks to see the final results. do any of you still get anxious when you’re in the healing phase? thanks 🐝
  5. To you. It varies greatly person to person. 🙂
  6. I'm sure he said it was " thick " and may need touching up later. So far i'm delighted with it and will have to see how it heals 😄
  7. I was curious, so I did a little googling. The only places on our bodies that have what is classified as thick skin is places that see abrasion, like finger tips, palms and soles of your feet. So ya, they were feeding you BS. 💩
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend newbies start with a full back piece. But the arms and legs aren't that bad, except for ditches and joints.
  9. Too thick? What the huh? I've never heard such nonsense.
  10. I'm no bitch but at times my backpiece using tebori has been absolutely excruciating. You power through it, you find ways, but at times it does feel unbearable....
  11. It looks a bit smudged on the photo, looks fine in real though ( my phone cam is terrible )
  12. I hear this too, but tattoos really aren't that painful. Sure, they hurt, and some spots hurt more than others, but it's not unbearable. Especially since you can break larger pieces up into shorter sessions. Tattoo pain is way overhyped.
  13. I agree with everyone else that it's good the way it is. I'm not a tattoo artist, but I gotta believe covering black (I assume it's black underneath) with yellow wasn't the best plan. But that's just me.
  14. It looks fine. I have a cover up, and if I sit and stare at it, I can see a faint line or two. Who cares? Just get more tattoos. If you try to do anything else to that, it is going to look like deep-fried ass. Just leave it.
  15. I promise you it is healing. Quit worrying. Get more tattoos.
  16. Never, ever, ever get another tattoo. You are obsessing over something that isn't there. I have tattooed wrists. The skin is thin. That's how they look. Hacking it up by adding more ink is going to make it worse. LEAVE. IT. ALONE. Do not get another tattoo. Ever.
  17. Hey, Was it blown out? or was it just healing. I’m having the same issue and wonder if it’s blown out.
  18. Never heard that one. Overworking an area will cause trauma. Picture of the area?
  19. Please don’t get anymore tattoos. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Well thanks for the answers. You all says tattoos aren't perfect but mine looks like a hack job compared to other people's. I've seen wrist tats that look perfect and crisp and mine is all blurred. When I color over that wobbly line with a sharpie it looks good so I don't understand why an artist couldn't just do what I'm doing with a sharpie with actual tattoo ink then. My friend who is currently a tattoo apprentice (did not do mine because he's just starting but was the one who recommended this shop) looked at it and did not tell me I was ridiculous, he said, "yeah I see what you're talking about, that should be an easy fix if you go back." I came here to inquire if y'all thought at 3 weeks it would still change or if it looks how it's going to look. I've also read at 3 weeks if it's still textured it's scared and mine is, but there seems to be conflicting opinions on that as well. Oh well thank you anyway for taking the time to respond.
  21. I definitely understand the exhausting thing, when I go to bed after I've been tattooed I'm out like a light, the shorter the time the less sleep I get but after my recent chest piece that took 5.5 hours I crashed for over 16 hours.
  22. Good luck Jimbob, what design did you settle on? I'm really looking forward to seeing the result.
  23. So had head shaved today for tattoo tomorrow. Too late to go back now. Hope it works.
  24. thanks,and yes,our maiden voyage is this weekend for our 12th wedding anniversary camping in a local state park area.
  25. Quit listening to idiots. How exactly do they propose you fix it? You can't pull the ink back out, all you could do is make the lines thicker and you'll most likely wind up with a mess. Thin, delicate skin is prone to blow outs, that's just a fact. Stop obsessing over it.
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