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I’m back from California! I fulfilled a training goal of meeting up with @natashabarnes who was very kind and generous to me, shes the best trainer and friend I could have ever hoped to make on my journey to climb harder. I made 2 PRs while I was with her: Deadlift for 360 and Bench for 205. I went to @dogpatchboulders and burned any remaining energy I had. The next day I got up for 2 days with @horitomo_stateofgrace where we filled in a lot of background. We’re almost done with the background! Photo 1: After Photo 2: Before Photo 3: @natashabarnes and I (thanks @joshgarza_ for taking the photo and allowing me to lift) Photo 4: Me breaking form and trying to get the bar up between burps. #monmoncats

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