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Aaron Coleman Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Interview by Jimmy P.
With the ease of information now that comes from basically having a supercomputer in our pocket, it seems strange to think of a time when we were "floored" by anything visually. I can vividly remember the first few times I saw Robert Williams artwork. The impact it had on me was instant and overwhelming. I didn't exactly know what would come from being exposed to this powerful, outrageous, wonderful and over the top art, but I could tell, even at that age in my life seeing it was the beginning of something that was going to help shape my artistic and aesthetic vocabulary forever and although his art specifically didn't pave the road for 90's era tattooing and tattooers it damn sure helped clear the forest.
Immaculate Tattoo's Aaron Coleman is the kind of tattooer whose art hits the viewer like a lawsuit! It's no coincidence that the "low brow" art movement of the early 90's, spearheaded by Williams, and nurtured by other artists like R.K.Sloane, Ed Roth, S Clay Wilson and XNO, along with teenage angst and punk rock was a driving force in the artistic education of Mesa Arizona's finest. Throw a little Bob Roberts,Ed Hardy and Dave Lum into the mix as Aaron's early and constant tattoo glossary and one can easily see how this beast was born.
We've all heard the term "A tattooers tattooer" but he is truly that. One of the most prolific artists out there, he produces countless huge tattoos including multiple body suits, back pieces, and sleeves every year. Besides tattooing, he is constantly making piles of flash, books, posters, skateboards, shirts ,etc he DOES NOT STOP! Aaron's work ethic is serious and when you are around him you can tell he's compelled, almost possessed to draw. A fantastic artist and a great guy with a keen wit and sharp sense of who he is and what he wants his tattoos to look like.
I first remember seeing Aaron's work around 1993-1994 in the Phoenix area on local folks at punk rock shows and the tattoos he was doing even then were super powerful, bold, electric, sometimes even skateboard graphic-like. Since then I'd seen his stuff everywhere, from show flyers to flash books and flash hanging in nearly EVERY shop i've ever been in. His work blew me away then and I knew I wanted to get tattooed by him. Years later I did, and it was the beginning of a great friendship. Anyone who meets Aaron loves him and if you know him or his body of work you probably feel, as I do, that the world needed an interview with this art-mutant. So, needless to say I was honored to sit down and have a conversation with a guy that puts out more work in one month than most of us do in a year and makes it look so easy while doing it. Thanx for EVERYTHING Aaron, I hope you dig it!
Keep amazing us.
Jimmy P


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