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Kore Flatmo Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Up until this point, everyone I have interviewed has been a friend or acquaintance. When I was getting ready to do the Tim Hendricks interview, I spoke with my friend Demian Cane. "Since you're coming down, you should do Flatmo, too."

Now I have seen a lot of Kore Flatmo's work and I've always loved it, but I've never so much as even seen a picture of him, let alone had a heart to heart conversation. Demian took matters into his own hands and called him. One phone call later, I was sick to my stomach with nerves.

I am not what anyone would call a social butterfly, I have anxiety beyond a doubt. I am only 100% comfortable at two times, when I am tattooing, and when I am in my home. All I can do is think of how I don't know the guy and how awkward it will be, and how could I possibly do a good interview if I don't know what to ask? Seriously.

Well, lets say when I met him it was a surprise, the general size of the man. I was not expecting a big dude since his tattoos have such a gentle sense about them. Kore was really easy to talk to, very well spoken, and had strong opinions, which is a quality that I love in people.

Strong opinions, to me, signify a strong character. Whether that has any validity, who knows, but that's what I believe. After a few minutes, it became clear that Kore is as prolific in his words as he is in his tattooing, and I was able to see where the gentleness in his work originates.

This interview turned out to be single-handedly the easiest one I have ever done. I hope that his words bring a huge smile to your face, as they did to mine.

Thanks again Kore for your graciousness, and thank you Danny Dringenberg for letting me do this at your place. LST viewers, you are in for a treat.


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Stellar job, Scott. The only thing I disagree with you on is your social skills. You're a sparkling conversationalist and great storyteller, even when you're not gorilla-grippin' and drillin' someone.

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Kore's interview spoke for itself and then some. What a great tattooer, what a great interview, what a great human being. Good job Scott, good job Kore, thanks for bringing something positive to the table of tattooing.

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It seems like Kore is really on his own path. It shows in his character and in his tattoos as well. I enjoyed hearing his point of view.

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This was so interesting to watch!

Kore seems to have the perfect attitude towards tattooing.. and life aswell!

im not a tattoo artist but i felt so inspired!

i to wanna have that passion and devotion towards something.. besides drinking and girls hehe

really liked the part when he said marrying this girl would help his tattoing.. awsome!

if i ever get a chance.. im getting a tattoo from Kore!

great Interview Scott!

and thanx all u artists that let us mere mortal fans and collectors access our minds like this..

LST is by far the best forum on tattoos and tattoo artists..

hope it always stays this pure!


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kore has been one of my favorite tattooers for such a long time. its cool to see that hes not a dick. he made me feel alot better about some of the dumb people ive encountered in the industry. LST holdin it down!! thanks scott and kore!!

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Just one question....what was the idea that he had half way through????

Hi Ianto,

I think it was a joke.

There was a chime, like when you open a door in a store, so he joked he just got an idea, a la 'light-build' over your head in a comic strip.

I had to listen to the interview with headphones to hear it.


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love this interview! another great one, keep them coming! i loved at the end how you put in some of his work in a slideshow! that was cool!

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Now that's someone you can spend hours getting tattooed by. Great energy and a philosopher. Really nice. I really enjoyed watching this interview, the hour flew by!

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