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Phil Kyle Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Phil Kyle is a hilarious man. I know him mostly from traveling to Sweden where we meet up at the Stockholm Ink Bash every year. We have an awesome time with ton of laughs and lots of tattoos. He owns a shop in Brighton, England which is called Magnum Opus.

I had gone to Stockholm with hopes of catching Phil in a great mood for this interview and I succeeded! He lets say, had been drinking a touch, well lets say a touch is a ton and he rode that thing like a rodeo clown. We stay on a boat that is sort of hostel slash hotel but all boat. We are doing the interview in his room at 1:00 in the am. There is a special apperance from one of his traveling partners......

I look forward to seeing Phil every year that I'm there and hope there are many to come!


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Really great! This is a very important website for those of us that hold tattooing sacred.Keep up the good work and long live Phil Kyle!

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But did I hear a slip of the tounge and hear Bryan Burk and Juan interviewed you Scott?

Yes, many months ago, but Juan is holding it hostage, don't know why. Maybe we'll see it in 2013.

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tattoo Tony is Tony Browning... and i can think of a half dozen aged punk rockers who tattoo well who wear some of his old works.. running bear was working underground in d.c. area at the time also

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