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Ron Henry Wells Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

I first met Ron in Philadelphia at the Philly convention. we hit it off right away he is very easy to talk to and has a very genuine demeanor. i liked him before i ever saw a single tattoo he had done. when i did finally see them i was truly impressed. he has a very distinct style of his own.

we did this interview when he had been stuck in san francisco after the convention when hurricane sandy had everyone stuck. we did the interview at my warehouse space which most of you will recognize the train sounds. i hope this finds you all well and full of great joy. Ron is a great tattooer and i would like to thank him for doing this with me.

my best


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Another great interview. Ron seems like a really humble dude. It's nice to see that with the amount of time he has in tattooing, that he is mindful of the right ways of doing things.

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Great interview, Scott. I've loved getting tattooed by Ron. He's such a humble, genuine, thoughtful guy and I really look forward to this book he's going to do.

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I've always had him high on my list. But that interview was so good! I can't wait to get in with him someday!

Maybe I can get my company to find me a contract in New England somewhere... hmmm...

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Fantastic interview! I have had the pleasure of getting a tattoo by Ron, and it was an amazing experience. It was at Congress St Tattoo in Portsmouth, NH, 2 nights before Christmas. Do you have any idea how beautiful downtown Portsmouth is during Christmas?!?!?! Well it is! The whole experience was awesome. He is a great guy, and an amazing tattooer. Cannot wait till I can get another from Ron.


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I'm getting tattooed by Ron tomorrow and I love that you did this interview but SCOTT; Cody making a racket.....the squealing, filing, metal grinding sound in the background?!? Really? You couldn't find a guy pounding out dents or breaking bottles????

I kid cuz I love ya man, thanks for doing this video, Ron's a stand up guy.

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So good! I just spent another 30 minutes looking at his flash ... had been following him on Instagram ... Thanks so much for putting this up!

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