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Scott Sylvia Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

When I was asked to interview Scott, it didn’t occur to me that I would have to write an introduction as well. I had heard of Scott Sylvia from very early on in my career. I was really green at the time and coming from Chicago, the SF tattoo scene seemed light years away. I watched for his tattoos and flash in magazines and read articles on the shops he was apart of. We met in 2007 in Salt Lake City through our mutual friend Maya. We did some arm wrestling, shared a few meals and really had a blast that weekend. Later that year I was asked to fill in at Blackheart for a few days and Scott and I have been close ever since.

To me, Scott Sylvia is a tattooers tattooer. He's helped define and shape a generation that is now taking on a senior role in tattooing. He builds great machines and has a work ethic that’s hard to match. I’ve always respected his work, but I feel a great bond with him because of who he is. Being around Scott helps make you a better person. He's as real as they come. He's lived a lot in his life, has seen many things, still struggles with things and through it all keeps trying to be good. In a business where it's a lot easier to be a jag off, Scott Sylvia is a stand up man. He's an amazing father and husband, both of which dominate his life. His insights on even the smallest things have helped me immensely in my career, my marriage and my business. He is one of those guys that people seek out just to be around. The guy at conventions who everybody makes sure to say hi to.

So here it is the Scott Sylvia interview. I think I was just as nervous as Scott was. We decided to do it in a place where he felt the most comfortable; at his work space. I was very honored to interview Scott. He is a man that I respect and look up to. I'm sure you'll enjoy this as much as I did.

-Nick Colella


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I've been waiting for this since I joined. Getting tattooed by Scott is still my favorite tattoo experience. He is an amazing tattooer and incredibly warm person. Great interview.

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Great interview..I like how he brought you back to the days when it was more special.I do remember that guy Pote Seyler...He was doing some beautiful work back then.

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damn that was cool to hear the truth about that article in Skin and Ink..i remember reading that not long after sitting w my wife while ED tattooed her. I like to study tattoo history and was bummed to read that article .my main thought was that this article I was reading was trash and didn't belong in a magazine for public consumption .I'm glad to hear that in fact Baxter is a cock gobbler and Scott never said that . even after all these years its good to hear the truth

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This was an awesome interview! You can see a real sincerity and passion for his trade.

And I just realized I'm wearing my Black Heart t-shirt while watching.

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I can rarely sit through an hour and a half long movie, but thanks Scott for your honest unapologetic interview. You are an asset to tattooing. And, as a nobody from nowhere, who just loves and lives tattoo, you said everything that needed to be said. thank you for putting yourself out there.

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this is why I love Tattooing!

The few hrs I spent with Scott while he did my back reiterated everything I like about getting tattooed.

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Best way to spend my afternoon and a reminder about just what a genuine dude Scott is. Thank you Scott for sitting on the other side of the camera!

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You gone and done it again. Another great interview, and my new favorite. Good to hear Scott on the other side of the camera. That being said, I'm also very jealous about Scotts beard, going to have to watch the interview several times until I can stop being memorized by it.

[edit] Never mind, made a post before I finished the interview and this question was answered at the very last second.

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