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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Just got a portrait of my pup from Ben Grillo...
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    I'm just worried that if I dont stay fit and develop a beer belly/man tits, my entire upper body is going to look really, really dumb.
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    Deb Yarian

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I have an appt in Oct in SF at the State of Grace show with Trevor McStay -- to do my leg
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    Knee Tattoooo

    I wish I could get the russian stars for time served in the Mafia. Cool design, but dont want to be frontin something.
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    David Flores

    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    Looks fine to me, now its time to fill up the rest of your arms.
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    11. Virginity 12. Dignity
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Appointment with Mario Desa a fortnight on Sunday. Can't wait
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    ICP thread

    Well it looks like I've got Halloween figured out
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    Jennifer Stell

    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    Richard said this to me once, or twice... He heard it from Hardy First... I have tattoos I hate... It's one of those... You can live with it, it'll teach you one way or another...
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    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    no matter what you do, and no matter the quality of work, that tattoo is always going to be backwards. it sucks to make beginner tattoo mistakes on your hand.
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    Earthquake in virginia........

    I read this thread as "Earthquake in vagina." Needless to say... I'm a little let down at the contents. Then again, glad everyones okay.
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    Valerie Vargas

    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    completely agree with Jake. i find when someone hasnt many tattoos generally or none around the 'offending' tattoo, they tend to focus on it more than is necessary, if you get some more tattoos on that arm, eventually you wont really be able to pick on individual designs. it being on your hand, you probably notice it a lot more than you may have imagined and now your mind is working overtime. if it still pleases you, dont worry, just carry on getting more work. if you were to ask for my opinion i would maybe try sticking to a more classic style of tattooing so that it stands the test of time, you obviously like skulls so thats a good start, maybe look at some of the work in the LST galleries and see whats going on.
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    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    Wellllll. Since you said to be honest I will. Like the other I agree it looks stupid to have hand tattoos and not have the rest of your arms and actually the rest of your body done. It makes me wonder why you chose to get your hand tattooed before doing the rest. As far as the actual tattoo, it's by far not the worst I've seen. It's not something I would ever get and I wouldn't go to the artists. The reason is not the quality of the actual tattooing, it's the drawing. I'm not into new school or whatever people would call that style. Just isn't my thing. Having said all that, if you like the drawing then there's no problem at all as it's your tattoo. If I was you I'd wait until I you have a lot more tattoos on your arm and then see how you feel about it. I have a couple tattoos that are actually really fucking awful, like I mean horrible. It used to bother me soooo much, I wouldn't wear short sleeves because I was so embarrassed by them. Then I started getting good tattoos and lots of them and now the bad ones aren't so embarrassing. It all just kind of blends in. A good friend of mine who is also a great tattooer once told me that he likes it when someone has a couple bad ones in there with the good ones because it shows that you love tattoos and wanted them before you knew about 'cool rockstar hipster shit' like a lot of the kids today who are just getting tattooed because it's the cool trendy thing to do.
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    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    Don't obsess about it. It's on your hand. Looks fine.
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    Skull additions

    good skull by wes carter...and fb comment here is another one by bert krak (bob roberts spider above it) and el monga from spain
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    Knee Tattoooo

    Cat heads seems to be a good fit for knee-designs. I especially like these: Jim Sylvia Valerie Vargas
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    Ms. Mikki

    pin up girl

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    slang terms that make you cringe?

    A tattoo shop should only and always be referred to as "Ye Olde Tattzappery."
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    morten rose

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    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    yeah fuck thread hi jack my youngest brother is 19 just got one tattoo a pretty shitty one but could be worse. but was about to get another on some prime real estate half of his arm by some scratcher who worked out of his house as a "hobby" "second job". he was gonna put an octopus on his arm backwards. after arguing with my bro after 30 minutes when i told him it was going to be backwards he finally listened to reason and canceled the appt. we took him to a shop in town and showed him some other guys work and now he has an appt. to get something from a good artist. jesus arguing with him was making me feel sick coz i thought he was gonna get that shitty tattoo. thank god he changed his mind. he said he was glad he listened to us...now he is super stoked. /hijack
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    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    I like this. It's like, just because you fill your house with shit from DWR doesn't mean you know about design. Or People who spend half their paycheck at trendy restaurants and call themselves "foodies"
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    Thank you

    Oh Deb I think out of all the people here you're one of the ones who doesn't need to worry about being offensive ;)
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    Randy Janson

    The Kiss

    Famous kiss at the end of WW2
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    Randy Janson

    Mike Patton

    Mike Patton album cover
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    Tattoo age on VBS

    GRIME part 3 is up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q--MS3kyQU4 Grime Part 3 - Tattoo Age | VBS.TV
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    inked photography

    The Marilyn Rose

    *left tricep* Artwork by: Abey Alvarez Lowrider Tattoo Costa Mesa, Ca.
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    Ear tattoo

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    Flowers and Water

    My lovely wife's fore-arm, done at Las Vegas convention.
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    back arm skull

    back arm
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    Paul A. Dobleman

    gypsy girl profile

    gypsy girl profile
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    O. Britz

    eric lady 1

    Best friend tattoos
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    pin up

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    ross nagle

    lady luck

    lady luck
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    sarah schor

    lady bird head nigel

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    Kevin Campbell


    sj pinup
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    Ron Domstead


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    indian girl

    drawn on with pen
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    martin troger


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    martin troger


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    Joshua J Johnson

    lady head

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    Joshua J Johnson


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    lady head

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    barbara pinup

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    Shotsie Gorman

    Robot dragon

    Robot dragon
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    RJ Munger

    gypsy girl with rose and peacock

    gypsy girl with rose and peacock
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    Nate Beavers

    nate beavers bio skull

    nate beavers bio skull
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    Julio Avila

    good client behavior

    I once had this wonderful young lady bake me a dozen cupcakes after I covered up some crap on the back of her neck. They were the most amazing cupcakes I have EVER had in my life. Instead of oil or whatever one uses in delicious cupcakes, she used pudding. They were intense!!!! I occasionally still bug her about them. How this angel only weighs about 103 pounds is beyond me. She will always have a special place in my heart. I believe my heart is located somewhere in my stomach.
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    bri dragon copy

    bri dragon