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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Just had my left elbow capped by Biz Matos. I'm very pleased.
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    LST Animal Lovers

    recent glamour shots of our hell raisers: the shy one: the mischief maker: the turd burglar
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    Hello from Vancouver BC (Canada)

    Hi there, I'm John. 16 hours deep on this back piece in progress! This is my first piece and I have been thinking about this decision for the last 4-5 years. I am 24 next week. It took a long time finding the right artist, artwork, symbolic and spiritual reasoning, and maturity before I pulled the trigger to be on the wait-list. I wanted to be at an age where I could be okay to make large decisions such as this knowing it'll be with me forever. I am just so ecstatic with how things are coming together. Everything I envisioned and more. This back piece will be completed by the end of 2015. I might start a sleeve or chest plate thereafter... Progress: Currently 15-16 hours with another 10-12 hours to go. Final back piece will total between 25-30 hours. Cheers! J.
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    LST Animal Lovers

    Our youngest and the "granddog" Rocky at church Wednesday evening. Yes, Rocky goes to Bible study and pays close attention!
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    Manu Manu

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    thanks @Shaun1105 ! pics will be posted when it will be finished ;) looking forward next February now!
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    Find an artist. Discuss your ideas. Get a tattoo. Then more. Oh, and start an intro thread of your own. We like pictures!
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    Hello from Vancouver BC (Canada)

    Welcome - and pictures or it didn't happen.
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    Unfortunately, I'm missing the opening... I won't be in town until tomorrow a bit before noon (then leaving just after midnight... life in the fast lane). My parents are there on their first trip further than Oklahoma or Missouri, having the honeymoon they never had, so if you see a lady with red hair with a long haired fellow with a wolf on his throat, he will definitely be happy to talk your ear off about getting tattooed by Charlie Cartwright 30 years ago!
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    Avery Taylor

    Jaw, Meet Floor

    This series of backpieces by Chris Brand fits nicely in this thread.
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    Official notice that I will be attending Saturday only and will probably be hanging out most of the day. Super down to meet up with folks for food/drinks. If knowing what I look like makes things easier, there is a picture on instagram @handoftheforge
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    joakim urma

    Book thread

    Currently reading Richard Dawkins "The Ancestor's Tale". The layout of the book is that he starts with homo sapiens sapiens and goes backwards in time, stopping everytime there is a significant break in our evolution so to speak. I think it's like 30 steps in the end, from us to the very first bacteria. Each stop concerns one specific animal but while he talks about it you also learn a shit tonne of evolutionary theory and general science and biology. Really well put together book and super interesting. Was a bit slow for the first 1/3 but now I'm so in it and enjoying every page. Also reading a volume of the collected short stories of Amy Hempel. Amazing writer and imagination. I can see that she has been really influential on later writers and her stories are so full of clever humor, anecdotes and insight on the human experience. Much recommended!
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    Manu Manu

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I had my first session with Alix Ge last week for my pharaoh horses stomach/abdomen tattoo. She did the lining. Unfortunately due to my schedule next session to finish it is only early February...
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    Ink Masters

    I must admit, I do watch every tattoo show. Not that I love them, I just love anything with tattoos. There have been some great artists over the years.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thought I would also upload and share this dope action shot. Plus you can catch a peak at my backpiece that's about 5 months settled in as well as Len's great hair lol ;) Another reminder that it is the tattoo experience as whole - that truly makes the tattoo. that's what matters. Tattooing is a very powerful, deliberate and permanent act and series of events. Last Wednesday was an incredible day. My work in the morning. Popping into the tattoo shop to just to say what's up and casually flipping through Len's book - I have 3 tattoos from Len now and each one was a spontaneous act with permanent results. Going and getting a dope haircut so I didn't get a cheap $25cent razor fade (found a new barber, an older black gentleman, he shared his cool snake tattoo on his dark skin, he got in 1967!). My tai chi practice in the park. An encouraging doctor's appointment. The boys keeping the shop open into the evening to accommodate me (shout out to Champion Tattoo Edmonton). The stencil and re-stencil to get the placement just right. The first 30 seconds when I thought holy shit man, this is brutal have I gone too far? Bishops Green on the stereo. Tattoo talk with the boys. Sweating through the table. Feeling my nose about to get crushed sideways on the table. the post-tattoo newport smoke, the vulnerability and the satisfaction with the end result. The morning after when the shower water hit the back of my raw tattooed skin. Even today walking down the street, walking proud and tall with this new tattoo. Hearing the lady behind me in the crosswalk whispering out loud 'damn that's a nice tattoo' to herself. Seriously, I am really buzzing off how this one turned out. The butterfly symbolism is pretty obvious. But also this: I dreamed I was a butterfly, fluttering about, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly. Soon I awakened, and there I was, myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. -Master Zhuang I became aware of this taoist quote the morning after receiving my tattoo, and I too had the butterfly dream leading up to this spontaneous tattoo. I found it very fitting, not just in the context of the rest of my tattoos, but in terms of some personal growth I have been making over the last few months. And here comes this profound tattoo experience from a simple design that carries some complex symbolism to me, providing enlightenment when I needed it the most. Thank you LST for providing a medium to share the tattoo experience together !
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    "Yknow what's awesome about this budd?...you have a whole bodysuit of tattoo and MY tattoo is going to be the one everyone is gonna ask about haha" Keepin' it real w/ King Len, guest spot at Champion Tattoo in Edmonton, AB Deadly placement, deadly evening, deadly tattoo. But holy fack did this one sizzle and rattle.
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    opaque gray for crow tattoo

    Opaque grey is actually black mixed with white pigment, diluted black is just greywash. greywash: opaque grey:
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    joakim urma

    By Iain Mullen and Rudy Fritsch

    Finished last Saturday of March 2015, started in mid June 2014. 5 sittings, first and last with two machines.
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    I've come full circle with my feelings on aesthetics, placements and overall look... When I started 30 years ago, I never had the thought of being completely covered and therefore, didn't have any plan other than WHO to get tattooed by. Once I started travelling to the artists I admired, a lot more thought went into what/where and how it would all work together. At one point I made "tattoo map" of my body. I took a roll of 3ft wide printer paper (used in BIG factory print shops), laid down on it and had someone trace me. I roughly sketched in the work I already had and then put the general idea and name of artist on the spots I wanted to get covered. That "map' hung on the back of my closet door for a few years and I got about 60% of the work I had hoped for (I had an entire body suit mapped out-HA!). At the time I really believed that the total coverage look was the right way and everybody who didn't think in those terms and got random work all over them was an idiot with no planning skills. A bunch of shit changed in my life and I put my map on hold for awhile....which turned out to be A LONG WHILE. Over that last couple years or so leading up to me diving back into this, my attitude towards total coverage has changed somewhat. Now I find looking at people with many tattoos not all tied together and the not-tattooed skin in between them, pretty cool. I still completely appreciate the well planned, total coverage stuff too but I no longer have a "tattoo map" and just plan on getting what I want, when I want and if the mood strikes me, get it all tied together in the end. Overall though, I've never worried about my "look" and how others perceived me. I may have be more aware back when tattooing was not "normal", but now-a-days, lots of neck/hands/face/feet tattoos make me look average..... or at least normal.
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    Butt Snake

    Dr. Claw at Diamond Club Tattoo (Matt)
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    LST Animal Lovers

    Those following on instagram already know about Chuck and her recent diagnosis (osteosarcoma :/) and amputation! But for all youse other guys: I have posted pics of my sweet, adorable, wonderful, loving, [cascade of adjectives here] in the forum before, and here is her debut as a tripawd!
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    Nora Townsend, Magnetic North Tattoo
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    lady from Dennis

    Dennis M Del Prete
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    Waterfall, clouds, kingyo, peonies. Junii @ Diamond Club Tattoo
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    LST Animal Lovers

    @Dan - you're dog looks to have taken 1 too many hits off of the bong . . .
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    LST Animal Lovers

    @Dan never knew Aussie's had to be groomed... haha! My dad has an Aussie/Beagle mix and she has the Aussie colors, but not the heavy coat, so no grooming.
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    LST Animal Lovers

    Have been enjoying this thread and while I have no new tattoos to show off, I do have a new cat :) Eva is a little over a year old and has been with me for a few months now. She owned the place within a couple of weeks, of course. I got her from a friend who could no longer keep her. I had lived with cats before but never had one that was my own. I had been thinking semi-seriously for a while about getting one and decided to save this little girl from an uncertain future. Aside from being cute as hell, she came with skills too. She is the queen of the tinfoil ball and actually fetches ! Not unheard of, I know but, it's cool ! Makes my job so much easier ha ha ......
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    LST Animal Lovers

    Thanks. She is the definition of a mutt but she is pretty awesome. The mom is a beagle/bassett hound/some sort of pitbull mix (that is where the short legs come from) and the dad is a Shar Pei (she has his curly tail). The only one that came out of the litter with predominantly Shar Pei features was the one male. This is a picture of the male and our puppy about a week after we got her when we took her back to visit.
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    Added water, some clouds, some rocks, color to the goldfish, a meditating frog that is not visible in pics.
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    LST Animal Lovers

    This in my Pappy Grizzle Nuts, sunbathing in the yard...
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    LST Animal Lovers

    Animals? Got that well covered. Here is our extended family: Chyna, our fat bulldog Stinky, my 20 year old cat Spike in a do-rag followed by Spike and Arlo the miniature donkeys And finally my wife and Lakota the wolf, who lives at a sanctuary where we volunteer. He is our favorite!!!
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    LST Animal Lovers

    @beez - I love your "Selfie w/dog" :D ...you match!! @Zillah - Your bun pics literally made me exclaim "Oh my god" aloud. @SeeSea - You are an inspirational pet guardian. @TrixieFaux - Tomo-kitty update? This is Mirka the Wonderpup. She is submissive "smiling" because I had just found a chewed up piece of cotton pad that she swiped from the kitchen table while I was out. She started doing it as soon as I saw it. People who say that they don't remember when they were naughty or won't know why you are chastising them are soooo wrong! Sneaky-sneaks!
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    Gypsy Lady

    Regino Gonzales Invisible NYC
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    knee devil dragon

    By Matt van cura at invisible nyc
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    Your overall look as a tattooed person

    When I was growing up, tattoos were always something bikers had. I dated a guy who didn't like them, and when I got my third tattoo, he was not thrilled, and joked about calling me "biker bitch"...that third tattoo happened to be Tigger holding three daisies. That's really what all the Biker Bitches are getting, right?? Then I dated another guy who tried to force me to not get my 4th, a tree frog. I told him I wasn't living my life according to his sense of beauty. Now I'm married to a guy who digs the shit out of tattoos and encourages me to get more...and some of what I want are things he doesn't like and guess what? I don't care. I want him to find me attractive, obviously, but at the end of the day, if I think it's pretty, and I want it on me, I'ma git it. I like looking at tattoos on women. I probably look like some weird stalker or something, but I find them very feminine, and I like to admire, say, the curve of a shoulder that is tattooed. It's beautiful.
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    Your overall look as a tattooed person

    When you get to the point where you don't rely on other people for your self esteem, it's a very liberating feeling. It took me more years than I'd care to admit.
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    @Synesthesia As a woman who just got a traditional tiger tattoo, which I guess is more on the masculine end of the spectrum, I understand your trepidation. We are who we are: Masculine, feminine, androgynous. Tattoos don't change the execution of your gender, or more importantly, YOU. Keep in mind that subject matter is all about artistic liberty and has a great impact on how masculine or feminine it looks. (I kind of think my tiger looks like a big old queen, but that's cool. I like him.) Your family is right. Your body will ruin. It will age, eat itself, cells will stop degenerating, and your skin isn't going to look like you're 23 forever. Guess what? Happens to the people without tattoos, too. Don't base opinions about your body on what others think, because you're going to have a lot of people in your life who care about you for you, not for the ink or lack of.
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    Girls with tough tattoos are my favorite thing.
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    Hip Tiger George

    Done by Ryan McDonald of Alley Cat Studios, Cookeville, TN
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    Not to mention, some of us work out and stop partying and find ourselves in better shape in our forties than we were in our twenties...imagine that?!
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    So only women's bodies decline after the age of 35ish? Hmmm. Guess I should stop getting tattooed, worry about what my body looks like, and leave it to the men to get all the sweet tats. Sorry, had to go there.
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    Your overall look as a tattooed person

    I like having tattoos so some people automatically assume shit about me. This way I can weed out the stupid assholes from the people who are, seemingly, worth dealing with. They don't need tattoos to be worth dealing with, just not assume stupid shit.
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    I am digging these pictures that show more than one tattoo at a time. Good idea! Here are my arms. I plan to add to the right arm...filling it out to match the amount of coverage on the left. The owl is a little out of place. ETA: oh darn @Iwar...forgot to wear my fundoshis. I have several pairs. Pairs? Yeah next time for sure.
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    Your overall look as a tattooed person

    So I bought some fundoshi's off of eBay a while back, thinking I might use them when I start my backpiece. In hindsight I should have known that only japanese men with bodysuits can pull those off. Pale norwegian guys, not so much. Had to cherish the moment with a picture though. I hope you all feel privileged! :cool: - - - Updated - - - Only thing I made my mind up about pretty early on was that I wanted to go big on my front and back. Other than that I'm just randomly filling it in with different styles of work from different tattooers I dig. I guess my thighs and feet match each other, but other than that I just pack'em in there. I absolutely love the look of japanese bodysuites though, but that's not for me. I like too much from both worlds. Now let's see the rest of you in your fundoshis! If you don't have any laying around, all you need is an old bedsheet and a pair of scissors, and voila.
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    Lady Wolf Head

    by Rose Hardy
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    Hey! @Pugilist I love your "sick ink"!! XXOO
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    There can only be two explanations 1. You need to take some glamour shots. 2. You don't spend enough time in parking garages
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    Richard Stell - Baku
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    joakim urma

    img 3306

    work in progress by Frej Lind @ Royal Arch, Västerås, Sweden. I will have him to an inside of the arm too. The text on the coffin translates "Love Belief Hope". Still quite some shading to be done on this one