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    Polls are closed, and the winner of Tattoo of the month January is @Gingerninja with this bad ass dagger by Grez (Kings Avenue Tattoo). Congrats!! I managed to screw up, and close the poll late this month too. Sorry about that guys. I'll try to get it together next time. Big thanks to everyone who contributed!!
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    Matej Haviar

    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Session #6. Had a lot of wind under my sails and sat for 5 and a half hours. 26 hours total and unbelievably stoked on the progress. Finished the lightning and patterned the entire octopus. once this heals down, Capt'n Scott is going to blast over it all with some teal and define all the layers. This was less of a whooping to the kidneys and more of a tedious cookie cuttering.
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    Time for another contest. RULES: The tattoo photos posted in this thread will be submitted for polling of Last Sparrow's Best SNAKE tattoo. This is all in good spirit and fun of course. The submission process opens on the 1st of the month and ends on the 20th of the month. After that there will be an open poll for one week, which will close on the 27th, and the tattoo with the most votes wins. Your tattoo picture must be posted in this thread (both tattooers and tattoo customers can win) in order to qualify. Include tattoo artist name & tattoo shop with your photo/post. You MUST be the one who has the tattoo or did the tattoo. It MUST be a finished tattoo It MUST fit the theme of the contest Each member may submit up to 3 tattoos for each contest. The theme of January is: SNAKES
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    Every tattoo and every body heals a bit different. A lot of variables. I've had lots of tattoos made and some heal in a few days, some take weeks. Note this is superficial healing, the real healing of the body takes place over several weeks. I don't even use lotion anymore (dry heal) because my skin gets irritated and I find that's what works to me. Just leave the tattoo alone and keep it clean, don't put too much balm or lotion on it. Whatever you think is the bare minimum cut that in half ! Doesn't look infected at all, your arm (not leg haha) isnt' going to fall off and the tattoo is in there. Just give it time and don't stress. We've seen waaaaay worse in person and on the internet and you're looking fine bud. Congrats on popping your tattoo-cherry and welcome to slippery slope of dermal illustrations ;)
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    Congrats to @Gingerninja! Truly an awesome piece of art!!!
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    @bongsau Yeah I saw that dragon on the livedintattoos instagram, super freaking rad! But yeah I'm definitely getting into the momentum, now that the background is done, colours just seems to be moving way faster. Here's to the next session in February!
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    Filler Idea

    Trying to think of what I can use this ditch and inner arm space for... Would be cool to fill it all with one piece, or I'll have to do two.
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    Cor Mysterium Volume 1

    Got my book yesterday ! I got home and saw the big box and figured it was one of my dumb ebay impulse buys or car parts haha...totally forgot I had pre-ordered this baby a while back. Came with some nice prints by Grez and Rubendall. Really nice attention to detail on the overall project. I went to bed super late, cause I got stoked and had to look at every single god damn page. Some super cool tattoo art and meaning dissection. I didn't realize how many tattooists were included in the project. Gonna have some new ideas brewing after digesting this book !
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    and quite a nice collection, too.
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    Filler Idea

    Cool tattoos. A snake is a good option for sure. It also seems like there might be room for a dragon.
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    Filler Idea

    A snake on a - what do you like? Skull, web, Pokeball... OR something gross with flies. OR something nice with bees. Oh. OR a dandelion turning into birds! Snakes and ladies are bendy and can be put into weird spots.
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    Put on by Eric Perfect May 6-7, 2017 at the Fillmore in Philadelphia @prestige_tattoo_convention on Instagram Some names so far: Nick Collella Tim Beck Topper Nick Caruso Sailor Eddie Greg Christian Eric Inksmith Bert Krak Tony Hundahl Scott Sylvia Mike Wilson
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    Filler Idea

    good spot for a little snake.
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    Filler Idea

    Welcome! I think that you have amazingly good taste with your existing work. Same person doing all of your tattoos? Maybe ask them? :)