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    Forum software updated today

    ..let me know if you find anything wonky. Thanks
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    Upcoming Tattoos

    We did it. I think wife’s dagger and heart won the day but I’m pretty happy with my seahorse.
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    Tips and help on my aftercare

    Clean it gently with antibaterical soap then moisturize. I, too, am team Tegaderm although I don't put it on until after the plasma push...
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    Boiled Dove

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Not a great pic but this happened yesterday. Drawing and tattoo by Ashley Matthias @ Bulletproof Tiger Tattoo in Manchester NH, IG @senslessadornments
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Hey everyone! I was going to post about having been busy (got 3 new puppies this year!) and me having been on a bit of a tattoo hiatus since my last post but then I realized 4 tattoos since April can't really be called a "hiatus" 😁. Sure, I would have liked more, and they may be small(ish): First off a fun little Studio Ghibli handpoke (actually it kind f ended up being two separate tattoos, Totoro/No Face on the back of my ankle and the little soot sprites (small one is about 1cm wide, excuse my blonde monkey hair) on my arm) by Serena Raccuglia. This was a "couple tattoo" to borrow a Korean expression, as the hubby got a matching one, with both Totoro and the sprites on his wrist. Then the double trouble - mammoth skull on my right forearm, by Alessandro Caponetto, and the pretty (but impossible to photograph by myself) moon/peony blossom on my left shoulder by Claudio Romeo, done at Sick To Ink in Palermo, Sicily. At the same time. Such a fun way to spend a morning 😊. Last but not least, on Friday I got my first tattoo at a convention: a very cool sacred heart by Vanessa Corsale. Edit. Totoro pic pinched from tattooer so freshly done, everything else healed, except for the last one obviously (currently with pretty scabs on the yellow and peeling elsewhere)
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    Tipping Question

    I generously tip my artist because his work will be with me for a while. The first session I tipped over 50% the cost of the work. On my next visit, I tipped just under 50% but included a couple small gifts on the front end. I dont mind when my artist needs a smoke break or to have a quick break for lunch. He doesn't mind when I say I need to stretch. At my age I am only good for about 4 or 5 hours and then I am exhausted. Quality is always worth the price and the wait. Showing a little gratitude and respect will have most artist doing some really extraordinary work. The waitress that served me a nice meal is nowhere near the same level as the guy whose ink I wear with pride for the next 20 years. Just one old guy's perspective...