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    The story of Freddy Negrete and his sons.
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    Upcoming Tattoos

    ya,I agree with @SStu both my knees were no big deal pain wise.
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    Upcoming Tattoos

    @Gingerninja Don't fret too much. My knees were more weird than painful.
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    Upcoming Tattoos

    One week from my trip to Massapequa. I am so excited! I am trying to balance my excitement with the knowledge that knees suckkkkk.
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    New Here w/First Tattoo

    Please excuse me for "going missing" for a few days. Life happens and it's not always good stuff. Anyway, oboogie, your tats are outstanding. The two on your feet took my breath away. You've all given me a lot to think about and it's great appteciated. Inked people and those who ink rock. I'm starting a different topic now to see what you pros think. My thanks again to each of you who replied. I read your replies carefully. ❤
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    The ladies thread

    Hello! I hope that this is the right place to ask these questions - I've already read through the entire thread and found lots of excellent information, so thank you all for that! I'm getting my left upper thigh and half of my back tattooed in December/January, and I was wondering, if I'm not very hairy (I'm Asian so really just a tiny bit of peach fuzz), will they shave me anyway before my tattoo? I'm also wondering if anyone meditates to help deal with the pain? This is my first large tattoo (I have 2 fairly small ones already) and after reading through the back tattoo thread, I'm a little worried. I already meditate now and practice breathing techniques, but I want to be as prepared as possible. I have to travel for my tattoo (1.5 hour flight each way) and for my first session for the outline (6 hours scheduled), I have booked my flight in and out on the same day - was this a silly move? Last question that might seem really dumb - if the majority of my tattoo will be on my back, I imagine I'll be lying down on my front a lot so I was wondering if I should get a straw to drink water from?
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    Upcoming Tattoos

    Just booked in with Forrest Cavacco (intsa: iamthecobra) in Plymouth MA in June I arrive the week beginning 18th June and have an apt for the 22nd. Will be getting a snake across my stomach/ribs to go in tandem with my chest eagle (a 'Battle Royale'-type scene). Will hopefully get the remainder finished during my time in Boston over the summer. Attached is the current chest piece for reference (by Chris Stuart in Charlotte and Limerick, Ireland).