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    ALL tattoos have flaws in them, put down the magnifying glass, and I bet if you don't point it out anymore nobody will notice it.
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    Just let it heal.
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    Why are you even asking then? Obviously you KNOW it all already. . . You are not a TATTOOER, drop the bit..... I tattoo ten chicks a week like you, you know better, be my guest..... But you know, you really don't know otherwise this convo would be ... Sorry guys I am sick of people asking for advice then belittling the people trying to help.
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    As we said on the other thread, you have to let it heal. It is far too soon to be worried.
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    Amit Levy

    Stray Line In Tattoo ( Advice Needed )

    Congratulations on the new tattoo, looks cool and most important thing is that you are happy with it. First of all you totally are being perfectionist. Secondly, you got to wait at least 4-6 weeks before you know for sure how it's gonna look eventually. So conclusion, let it fully heal and only then go back to your artist hear what he says about it. Most likely it would be best leaving it as is.
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    Initiation and post-tattoo anxiety

    Wow, I got my first tattoo yesterday and woke up half asleep at 7am with all these feelings. I was so glad to find out I wasn't alone! It's the only tattoo I've ever wanted and I wanted it on my arm in a similar place. I think I'd forgotten about it and it was just quite jarring that early in the day in such an obvious spot. Thanks for replying to this thread after so long too! I like knowing you pulled through, it gives me confidence for myself. 🙂
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    Yeah, there is an ignore button. Maybe the internet is too tough for YOU.
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    We really need an "ignore" or "block" option on this forum.
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    Is that artist skilled both in the style you want AND coverups? If not, you'll need to travel to get your work done, otherwise you're likely to end up with more tattoos you're not happy with.
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    I simply stated my opinion. You’re free to disagree all you want. Maybe if you can’t work with what is there, you’re not a very good artist. And though you’re trying to be crass by calling me a “chick”, I am in fact a man. Don’t get tough from behind your keyboard, pal.
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    If you don't like my posts, you can report me to the moderators or you can ignore them. You seem easily offended, maybe the internet is too rough for you. ;-)
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    Right I was only planning on showing some pictures for the sake of ideas/inspiration. I would also like to draw a mock up version of certain patterns/designs myself, but ultimately I was going to leave it to the artist to distill it all and come up with something awesome! Thanks for your comments.
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    Can I cover these up easily?

    Also...to address the question of walking in with a pic. For an entire sleeve like you want it’s unrealistic to think that somebody could perfectly recreate a picture you found online. You’re best bet is to talk to the artist and let them come up with a unique design that will be all yours!
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    How do I post?

    Hi! I’m psychic. The answer to your question is: “Your tattoo needs 4-6 weeks to heal. “ J/k But the vast majority of first time posters ask: “I had a tattoo done a week ago. Why does my tattoo look like.... Is something wrong with it?”
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    Yeah, I'm seeing enough room for at least 3 more small-medium sized pieces. Personally, I'd stick with the American traditional theme . . .
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    I had this very strongly with my 2nd tattoo. The nights were the worst where I'd hollow in deep regret. Then I got used to it and I kept getting more. I found out that the problem for me was that I went from feeling like a spectator of the tattoo world to feeling like a member. It felt like an identity shift which was causing all the internal conflict. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk