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    Monday, I took a 600+ mile round trip and picked up my next "project". A 1979 GoldWing that I plan to restore to showroom stock. It will probably take the next two winters, which is Ok because it will keep me occupied. I'll post up some photos once I can pull it outside.
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    Small Smell

    This can make the tissue stick to the tattoo. So don't do this. Just use a little lotion, if you you use any at all.
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    Next time let's all just tell him it is a masterful tattoo that he should wear proudly and maybe he'll go away. You gotta love people that ask about the same schitty tattoo ten different ways to see if they can't get someone to say that the hot mess isn't as bad as they know it is.
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    Refreshing an old tattoo

    This is how many tattoo disasters start out. One day in you can't really tell anything. Give it 6 or 8 weeks. Then if it needs to be fixed, get it done right even if it takes a year. Good luck
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    Refreshing an old tattoo

    yeah, definitely need pictures to offer an opinion on it . . .
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    Hands On

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

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    Small Smell

    and drying out won't hurt it's healing, either.
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    Enjoying Tattoos ?

    To you. It varies greatly person to person. 🙂