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    If you're new to healing tattoos best to do exactly what your artist told you. Once you've had a few you'll get a routine down that works best for you. But yeah, generally they say aquaphor for the first 2/3 days, VERY light coating, then switch to a fragrant free moisturizer. But again, best to go by your artist's directions.
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    Happy to have found this place

    Heya! I recently got a new tattoo, full side leg, first color piece. I found this place when looking for aftercare info and I enjoy it very much. I have a number of other tattoos dating back almost 20 years (back, upper arms, chest, thigh) and they're all black/grey. Off to read/look at amazing pics!
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    I wouldn't think so, Syd. You skin and therefor your tattoo should be ok. Just don't follow the path of the original Syd . . . 😏
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    Thanks mate. This gave me some confort. As a smoker I will give this even more attention, I'm going to use some moisturizer before work, drink more water and buy some antioxidants. Sounds kinda panzy but, if I look more ugly than know I'll probably brake up the space time and generate a black hole on me and destroy the whole solar system.. Kind regards.
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    Pagoda 2019

    I'll be missing it unfortunately! I'll be with Nava on the 6th at Davinci and O'donnell 7-8th though in NY!