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    The artist that did my half sleeve Asian tiger used grey ink. It does have a different look compared to thinned black. Artists at another shop noticed right away and asked about it. To me it looks more opaque than dilute black.
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    Thanks a lot, going on a second session in 2 days, i ll post progress
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    Black and grey color v Black and grey?

    I've never heard it that way - but I'm assuming that instead of using watered down black to make variations of grey that he's using specifically formulated grey ink(s).(?). That picture looks quite nice for the style.
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    Happy to have found this place

    Heya! I recently got a new tattoo, full side leg, first color piece. I found this place when looking for aftercare info and I enjoy it very much. I have a number of other tattoos dating back almost 20 years (back, upper arms, chest, thigh) and they're all black/grey. Off to read/look at amazing pics!
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    Hey, tattoo in progress, looking for opinions

    Well I was more than happy with it but then the healing process started, I landed on this forum and realised I didnt pick my artist by looking at healed tattoos, so I actually was scared of having picked someone whose tats will heal badly and came here for an educated opinion before doing the next session If theres no sign of my artist doing something wrong then it's all good : P
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    if you are "quite happy with it",then the artist is doing a good job. it looks fine,
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    alright thanks I was mostly wondering if it was ok to keep going on with that artist as i'm about 20% done, seems i'll keep on with him ! thanks again for your input
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    A tattoo take 4-6 weeks to heal. You won't know what it's going to look like until then. NO tattoo is perfect. If you go over it with a microscope you'll find things "wrong" with it and make yourself miserable. Look at the big picture when looking at your tattoos. It looks good to me.
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    Aussie Attitude

    No Itchiness

    I have very sensitive skin, prone to eczema and psoriasis and tend to itch like crazy for up to 12 months after getting a new tattoo. So I kind of hate you all right now 😝