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    New Tat Question

    That's not true of "most" tattoo artists. I'm sorry you had a bad experience or two, but that's not remotely true. To the OP, that is shitty and uncool. I'd be so effing pissed.
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    Tattoo healing issues

    The ditch is always the worst healing and touch-ups there are totally normal. That being said I'd avoid anything more than very minor lotion (or nothing at all) - and if it gets red and/or hot and/or puss-ey you should seek medical attention immediately . . .
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    New Tat Question

    That's pretty rare. I'd think an artist's style and execution should be recognizable enough. Does his portfolio of previous work have the same?
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    New Tat Question

    I mean, I'm getting a Japanese traditional backpiece, where they sign it, which is the most traditional way. that's what I wanted. But if we're talking any other piece I'd flip shit.
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    Looks more like bruising that blowout, but it takes at least 4 weeks to heal, so you won't know anything until then. You should know that thin lines on delicate skin, like that near the ditch, are more prone to blow outs.
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    Too early to say. Let it heal. Also, if it is a blow out, you can't do anything about it. Don't worry about it.
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    It looks fine to me. You can't be sure of anything for 4 weeks. Don't sweat it.
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    New Tat Question

    Wow, it really sucks that you've had such poor experiences. The 3 that I've been tattooed by have all been great. Please keep an open mind and don't let a few ruin it for you. There's always a couple bad apples in any group.
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    new to last sparrow tattoo

    Welcome! High quality body of work that you have. Hope you become a regular. It'd be really nice to have more artists weigh in on some of the questions here.
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    New Tat Question

    That guy has a set of balls alright. I’m not a billboard. I’d be really pissed.
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    New Tat Question

    Was it on the stencil? If an artist did it to me without asking my permission first I'd raise a holy f'ing stink. That being said, if I ever get tattooed by a really top notch artist I plan to ask them to them to sign their work.
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    Looks great.