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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    It's been a good while since I posted on here so here are a few bits I've had over the last year or two, there are more but these are the only ones that I have pics to hand. A couple from Steve Byrne My leg as been in progress for about two years now, one session to go, by Damien Rodriguez Oliver Macintosh
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    London Tattoo Convention 2019

    We're heading over next month for the show. Does anyone have some pro tips for the event? I know it's massive and all the videos that I have seen show really long lines to even get into the event. I'm wondering what time to line up to get in...I'd hate be be late for an appointment!
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    Four letter word combinations

    Cool 😎 I'm booked in to get mine done soon. Basically I've always been between Good Life or Good Luck. I finaly decided on Good Life but I've been thinking I would like to get luck below the good in single but not sure what would go on the other hand. At the moment I'm thinking symbols but trying to think of a word that would fit. If that makes any sense 🤯 Example: GOOD LIFE luck ???? Or GOOD LUCK life ????
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    Four letter word combinations

    this is what I came up with being a marley fan,and some traditional designs too