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    London Tattoo Convention 2019

    On Friday, Rubendall is going to finish the background on my right leg sleeve. Lots of swirly bits. We will still have to finish up the crane but I'll get that done next year. On Sunday, in with Valerie for a geisha!
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    Yeah, you'll need a touch up. It happens sometimes.
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    London Tattoo Convention 2019

    We're heading over next month for the show. Does anyone have some pro tips for the event? I know it's massive and all the videos that I have seen show really long lines to even get into the event. I'm wondering what time to line up to get in...I'd hate be be late for an appointment!
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    London Tattoo Convention 2019

    I try to be as non-name dropper as possible. That being said, I'll let them know if one or more of their friends have tattooed me for context, not like I deserve to get in with them. @SStu The way I got i with Valerie was another hardcore collector vouched for me to the shop manager.
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    Hey, tattoo in progress, looking for opinions

    Yep. Might just need to pack some more color in there.
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    @LemonDrop As long as the seal is good, it sounds normal to me. The goop will dry out under the 'derm.
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    London Tattoo Convention 2019

    @JAC1961 Thanks - I am excited. It took a minute to get in with her!
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    It's been a good while since I posted on here so here are a few bits I've had over the last year or two, there are more but these are the only ones that I have pics to hand. A couple from Steve Byrne My leg as been in progress for about two years now, one session to go, by Damien Rodriguez Oliver Macintosh
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    Not liking my new Tattoo, panic attacks

    tattoo remorse is very common,what you are feeling ,we have all felt,I am heavily tattooed and I still get that, it will pass,you will love your tattoo,and before you know it you will be planning your next tattoo, but for now,let it heal,embrace it, keep it out of the sun use some aveeno lotion on it daily, and show it off with pride.
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    Enjoying Tattoos ?

    I want to feel ALL of that tattoo. The best. The worst. The excitement. The vulnerability. The fear. The anxiety. The confidence. The strength. The power. I have found a lot of peace and healing through the pain. Some people don't get that and can't. Some of you will no exactly what I'm talking about. Embrace that shit.
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    Enjoying Tattoos ?

    I agree, I put off getting my first tattoo because of my fear of injections and blood draws. They are completely different. A tattoo, to me, is more of a scratching sensation, where an injection is a sharp poke. Tell the truth, I think getting tattooed has helped minimize my fear of the medical jazz. Your mind set is also different. You want the tattoo and are looking forward to it, whereas the shots and draws not so much. Two other factors. I've found there is difference in artists, some are definitely more heavy handed than others. Also it amazes me how much of a difference there is within just a few inches. The outside of the bicep, directly below the shoulder only feels like a vibration. But move around to the underarm... yikes! Feels like they're pealing the skin right off.