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    laser tattoo removal progress

    I am getting a discounted rate since this is with my primary care physician that I have seen for the past 14 years. I don’t feel right advertising that price but I can say that places seem to charge by the square inch and this is considered a med/large tattoo by laser removal standards. I was quoted $800 per session if I bought five sessions up front from one place. My doctor quoted over five per session but I made a deal to pay in advance for five so he cut the price down for me. In general, I would figure about the cost to double the cost of getting it, per session as that’s what it has worked out for me. Should advancements like the RAP come out and actually work, I would pay considerably more if it could double or triple up results per session.
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    S Stu....thank you! I'm not usually drawn to neo-traditional as a lot of it is too cartoon-ish for me, but I absolutely love all the color and fantasy style many of their artists use. I have followed several of their Instagrams and will check them out. Wildcat
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    Looking forward to seeing it, tsuk!