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    Advice/experience please...

    I had one that got REALLY infected on my tricep, and when it finally healed all it needed was a quick touch up to pack some more color. Like others have said, all you can do is maintain your aftercare and wait for it to heal fully.
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    Advice/experience please...

    I think it's too early to tell: I'd keep it as clean as possible, moisturize lightly several times a day (try to keep it from fully drying out), and give it another 4-6 weeks. Worst case if you had some color fall out, your artist will probably be able to touch it back up once it's 100% healed.
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    Advice/experience please...

    I had an actual infected tattoo. Trust me when I tell you that yours looks fine. 🙂
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    Advice/experience please...

    That doesn't really look infected to me, and if those are post antibiotic pictures then I'd be optimistic it'll be fine.
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    Tegaderm/Saniderm/Tatuderm healing process

    no,the dermal film needs dry skin to stick to, the redness is normal, sticking good to all areas of the tattoo is normal,and the pain when removing the film is normal. and yes, black outlines and shading and color all heal differently. everything you described sounds normal to me for the dermal film use, and BTW,I love that shit, I have used Saniderm a lot, many many times.