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    Advice on New Tattoo

    Thanks Guys, in-fact I had to do the dreaded reveal to my mother and she liked it. Starting to get attached to it and not strictly in a physical sense. 🤣
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    Your favorite shop & COVID-19

    I have two new pieces of artwork - an O'Donnell piece and a Garver piece!
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    The Tattoo News

    how is this tattoo news ?
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    What a great way to introduce yourself - selling your shit.
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    Advice on New Tattoo

    What Dan and SStu said. It looks fine. Don't start messing around with it, or you will end up even more unhappy.
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    Advice on New Tattoo

    leave it alone, it looks fine, you are having a little tattoo remorse,it's normal to feel that way,especially with a first tattoo, that feeling will go away, you will learn to like it. start planning your next one.