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    Open skin on crease (side of ditch)

    they do take forever to heal
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    Is your tattoo infected and aftercare FAQ

    those parameters are set in place to prevent bonehead spammers from posting useless spam links here on this site. Linda,I'm sure you understand and agree with this policy.I am sure you dislike bonehead spammers as much as we do,seeing from your avatar how you are such a hot cool chick with no tattoos !
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    Beautiful. Don't forget to add the part about "setting" the new tattoo immediately after removing the plastic wrap. To set your new tattoo, simply have a friend or acquaintance open their hand, place it over the tattoo, raise the hand in line with their shoulder, and, rotating at the elbow, bring down hand with as much force as possible onto the new tattoo. This will ensure that your tattoo will be permanent. It may take as many as three times.