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    New to LST and New Tattoo

    Hi guys, I've been reading LST for awhile and decided to de-lurk upon receiving my second tattoo. Here it is, I'm very pleased with it:
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    Hard to say without seeing it. A couple of general observations. It takes 4-8 week to heal so if you're in that window, relax. Second, thin, delicate skin is most prone to blowouts; it can happen to any artist. Last YOU CAN'T FIX IT!!!! People ask all the time. The ink is spreading out in the skin, there is no way to undo that. You can't suck the ink back out.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    The bat is incredible. Bravo! I love the stylisation.
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    Live with it before you do anything else. I've seen more people go from bad to worse to worser because they are in a big hurry to "fix" something. Take your time, plan it out, make sure you discuss what YOU think went wrong with your next artist, find out EXACTLY how they intend to fix it, get recommendations. First rule of coverups - don't make it worse. Unfortunately lots of people break this rule. I was getting a tattoo once and this woman came in with a coverup of a coverup of a coverup. When she left my artist said, "That looks like Arnold Schwarzenager climbing out of a tar pit." It was AWFUL. He did an amazing job on his coverup. You couldn't even tell it was a coverup.