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    1 year old tattoo question

    But you had been constantly posting like you have some great knowledge and a full body suit. And I don't remember you saying anything about your arm "not being a success." What does that even mean? Why are you so vague?
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    this happened to me, I had a reaction to red on my right arm, but many many tattoos later and many with red I have not ever had a bad reaction to red again.
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    I have worked for a plastic surgeon for almost 30 years and much of this issue could relate to the body site itself, possibly combined with the actual technique used to create the particular design (shading and color, with more vigorous application). Reds are notorious, though there is no agreement on which reds, and what people are sensitive to what pigments, etc. The lower anterior (aka pretibial) leg is the worst spot for healing due to the poor blood flow and the fact that the lower leg is under pressure as we walk and support our weight. So, if you're contemplating another tattoo I'd wager if it is not located in this area the odds are good that you won't have a similar experience. Considering your good result overall it would not stop me either.
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    It wouldn't stop me. I'd suspect that not all red inks are manufactured the same way, either. If you want more red, have the artist use what he stocks to draw a simple hidden line on your skin somewhere a couple of weeks prior to the actual session and see what it does!
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    😀 an "F-bomb"?!
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    1 year old tattoo question

    Like I said in January, design I got on my arm was not a success; like I say in the profile, I'm learning.
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    Worst tattoo

    You'd have to talk to a laser technician that might recognize what's going on there. Sure couldn't hurt to talk with one or three.