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  1. I needed Tables/Workbeches for my new workplace. Since I couldn't find suitable ones, I made them myself, so they would use the available space as best as possible
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  2. Hands On

    Mom tattoo ideas

    i just thought of a hilarious mom tattoo! a realistic umbilical cord coming out of your belly button! dude.... dude. ok forreal tho. it doesn't have to be a memory, but perhaps something that reminds you of her or is unique to her. a favorite bird, flower, or animal. a trinket around the house. a song she used to sing, a saying or phrase. I think @SStu just meant that it doesn't have to spell out MOM. btw, plenty of 36 year old men get hearts and birds and those kinds of things. but also.. it's your body! if a realistic slot machine tickles your fancy, then doggonit, get a slot machine!!! but i'm also saying... i googled umbilical cord tattoo and it seems to be unique as shit! 😜
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  3. the top half of fingers keeps ink pretty well,the palm side not so well, I just got my wedding ring on the top half for that reason, I got this on my ring finger and all of the first knuckle about 5 or 6 years ago and they have held up good IMO, the one love ones are a little newer, and after the tattoo is healed, don't worry about the sun. life is short, get the tattoo.
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  4. Well, not that recently, but the idea was "Nah, snow is gone long enough, I'll be fine to go to the train station by bicycle..."
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