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    Tattoo Year in Review

    Happy New Year! Let's see...Tomo, Dan Sinnes, Paul Dobleman, Robert Ryan, DJ Rose, Laurent, Nick Colella, Grez, Mike Rubendall, Austin Maples and Stewart Robson rounded out 2018. 2019 will be a slower year but I hope still rad. ETA: Hendricks and Bryan Kienlen! Thanks to all of you for your support. Wishing you an amazing 2019!
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    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    started the green!!
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    Boiled Dove

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Hey all, been gone for a while, hope everyone is well. I have time scheduled with Chad Koeplinger in about a month to do my chest. This is probably gonna be my first multi session tattoo. Just breezed through the new tattoo pics, y'all age getting some great shit out there.
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    Enjoying Tattoos ?

    I find the liner hurts more than the shading. I get some kind of rush from it, but it is difficult to explain to people who aren't pretty heavily tattooed. I've sat for about five hours in the past. It get worse and worse as the time passes after about the third hour. Come talk to me after you've done more than 15 minutes. That's nothing. My Mom has done that, and she's in her 70s. Haha.
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    Is my new tattoo bad?

    Ditch whoever told you the lifework was bad. It's not perfect, but there is no such thing as a perfect tattoo. That's a real dick move, trying to ruin your tattoo for you. Enjoy your tattoo, it looks fine.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Dragon head done by https://www.instagram.com/j_s_heike/ at the annual Sailor Jerry Birthday Party at Leviticus Tattoo in Minneapolis.
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    Tattoo Year in Review

    2018 was my year for small tattoos, one on Maui, one on Friday the 13th, one on Halloween, one at Black Heart in SF, one from Carolyn at FTW in Oakland, and one for Bob & Ziggy.
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    How Much Would This Cost ?

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    Tattoo Year in Review

    boat was last year - a fair amount done this year though.... Happy New Year!
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    Extreme fading on new tattoo

    Sorry, but that's mainly just poor application.
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    How Important is the Experience?

    No such thing as a perfect tattoo. 😉
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I got started on a new dragon tattoo myself. This is eventually going to be an entire sleeve. So far I’ve had one two hour session. He drew it on during the first hour and tattooed the second hour. Next session is in a few days. Work being done by Andrew Labanaris at Iron Hand Tattoo. Sorry...not the best pics.
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    Cover up advice

    Take some Xanax. 1/17 - posted that you got the tattoo one week ago, so got the tattoo on/about 1/10 1/24 got more shading worried about redness so you only waited 2 weeks to start monkeying with it 2/2 - post that you had it touched up 10 days before assume that would be the same appointment where you got more shading, so you got a touch up before the tattoo even healed. 2/4 - now you want a cover up. Let the F***ing tattoo heal for God's sake. You think you hate it now? You are going to wind up with a hot mess that's going to be really hard to fix. Let your tattoo heal for at least a couple of months - start the clock when you got your last "work" done on it. Find someone that's really, really good at cover-ups and go see them. Be prepared to pay top dollar if you want a good job done. I've seen some God-awful tattoos because people were in such a hurry to fix the one they didn't like. If you can't figure out how to stop and take a deep breath, you're likely to wind up with multiple cover ups. Each one is harder on your skin and more likely to show through. If people are annoyed it's because you aren't listening, you are looking for someone to validate what you want to do. Everyone has told you to let it heal, you aren't doing that.
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    Don't haggle with your artist

    One of the truest statements in life, "you get what you pay for"
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    resurrection! I've only got a couple of spots left . . .
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    Bruising? Infection? Normal?

    "the artist is pretty well known for his linework" da fuq?
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    The dreaded tattoo regret

    The most recent pieces.
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    Need designer help!

    1) I don't think so. 2) If you don't know what you want then you don't know if you have a good artist. I've seen people that are fantastic with Japanese style that are not so good at other things. If you don't know what you want, you don't know if the artist is any good at it and so you don't know if you have a good artist. 3) Yes. You seem fixated on this artist. That's a recipe for disaster.
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    Well, it certainly is the day before!
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    The world has enough scratchers.
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    What is the meaning of this tattoo?

    Good God, how's anyone to know from such a shitty photo?
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I survived. I’m glad I only have to get one back tattoo. Every spot below the waistline was pretty rough. I have about 1 more visit to finish the background shading: inner thighs and inner booty area. Pics will follow.
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    Enjoying Tattoos ?

    This is one of my favorite tattoo topics: The experience of tattooing. I find tattooing therapeutic, enjoyable, exhilarating, empowering, painful, agonizing and annoying all at once. I echo Dan’s comments about the importance of the process. It is a ritual of planning, creating, collaborating, preparing, enduring, healing, and loving the result. I love every part of it. And as @Dan said, it is intimate, which is appealing to me. Not sexual intimacy, but the intimacy of permitting and trusting someone who is basically a stranger to touch you, to wound you, to permanently alter you body. You may be largely unclothed in front of them (my husband and I dated for over a year before he saw my breasts. My tattoo artist was touching them within 15 minutes of me meeting him). The pain? I like it…No! I hate it…No! It’s not that bad!…Well, sometimes it is bad, and I hate it. But I like it….Well…I don’t really like it… blah blah blah. The bottom line is, it is a pain I choose, no one that was inflicted on me unexpectedly. I don’t like it, but I like that I am able to endure it, I like that it challenges me and pushes my limits, And I love, LOVE the result.
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    Blowout on leg

    You can always add more ink . . ! 😏
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    Hands On


    I recently treated myself to a new Arai brain bucket. Turns out a 7 Doors sticker matched the pin striping perfectly!
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I totally agree, I think this is a big issue, I love stopping strangers and starting a conversation about tattoos, but I don't always get a friendly response. oh well, I will always keep trying.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got a little tattoo a week ago.... I say little cause we cut like three elements out. https://www.instagram.com/p/BqbvrWvlXem/
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    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    hahaha you're a riot But seriously some of this is definitely true. I get nervous before hand and all the way out to Brooklyn still, but as soon as I enter the shop I'm chill. While getting tattooed I tried to talk as much as humanly possible--that gets me through it. And then yes, totally, that last wipe down is such a relief! And then it's on to the next month....
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    Looking for advice on elbow tattoo

    Yep. Elbows are not easy to do, so actually in one sense your current artist is doing you a favor by not attempting to do something he/she isn't comfortable with. Any pattern or flower would sit nicely behind that knife handle (?) and ribbon.
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    I need help. Cover up.

    To get it done well, you are going to have to pay someone good money. It won't be good done on the cheap.
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    Boiled Dove

    How Important is the Experience?

    The experience is a part of the process. I've been thinking about my chest and belly for years. I finally had it boiled down in my head to about 5 people. One, while I love his work, I've not been tattooed by him and I didn't want to go into this big a project with someone I didn't know. Another. I've not been tattooed by but have met and finally decided I did not want to hang out with that person that much. the other two were eliminated by speed and location and that left me whit who was supposed to do it all along.
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    New Tat Question

    That's not true of "most" tattoo artists. I'm sorry you had a bad experience or two, but that's not remotely true. To the OP, that is shitty and uncool. I'd be so effing pissed.
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    I Ill share my experience as far as healing went : went the exact same way for the 4 sessions scabbing from day 2 to day 5 then a bit of peeling looks "healed" a week after, still a bit blurry, then it improves over time i washed twice a day and applied lotion after showering some color part didnt hold that good and some really healed perfectly the black traits held perfectly fine appart from 4 small lines for some reason : P Nothing a touch up cant correct i m sure I ll post a pic in 2 weeks of the whole thing Take care
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    Boiled Dove

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Just figured out how to get to images again. There are several I haven't posted, including everything from Chad.
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    Opinion on tattoo

    I agree with @Dan, that's pretty bad. Awful design, poor execution. Looks like something done in a kitchen, or at a "tattoo party."
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    Enjoying Tattoos ?

    I've got no love for the pain: it's just three hours of pain. No adrenaline kicks in, I'm just getting stabbed repeatedly in my back while lying on my stomach naked, trying to talk as much as possible and to breathe through the pain. It's all about gaman: perseverance. I only ever do 3 hour sessions with breaks. It's about the rhythm of life and integrating sessions into that rhythm. The pain makes me discover my body in ways I'd no idea. haha. It's about doing something for me, only me; reconnecting with my body and focusing my mind in ways I've not done otherwise or previously. I do enjoy the me time. The ritual. The worst is having to take a shower when I get home. I just want to drink a pint and go to bed. But I've got to clean and coat my back. ugh. My tattooer rules; so much fun to shoot the shit with him, such a great artist with his own style and yet traditional. So part of it is being connected with him and with a certain tradition which I've chosen to be connected to. So like most long term things we go through in life, it's not so much about enjoying it. But I guess I'm heavily tattooed individual now. haha
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    Somethings wrong? - need advice

    Agreed it looks unfinished. Is that the artist's normal style? Definitely going to need to proceed with caution . . .
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    Amit Levy


    Personally I think adding Japanese tattoos to it wouldn't combine well. I would definitely stay with old-school for the whole sleeve. I think you best add as many individual small old-school tattoos to it, up until there is almost no blank space. Just tight them all together. Find a good old-school specialist tattoo artist that you can trust and let him play with the blank areas. I would also recommend you take a look at some old-school sleeves just so you see what I mean (many of them have no backround) and create a vision of your own. https://www.google.com/search?q=old+school+sleeve+tattoos&client=ms-android-samsung-gs-rev1&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiM5brNnNLiAhXQPOwKHYFJBPcQ_AUoAXoECAsQAQ&biw=412&bih=722
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    Hands On

    Am I being ripped off for this tat?

    welcome to LST! you're correct that every artist's process, rates, etc are different and the amount of detail and coverage in the piece can have a big impact on how long it will take. the artists may also be quoting on the high side, to make sure you bring enough dough, then charge you based on the time it took them to complete the piece. again.. artists all work and do business in different ways, so it's hard to tell. artists also work at different speeds, so charging by time might not even be a great indicator. some pics of your previous tattoo and the reference pics of what you're looking to get on your inner forearm could help us provide a bit more insight.
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    Must not have liked our answers. Sorry.
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    What do you moisturize with?

    when I go on vacation to the islands or know I will be in the sun for a while, I slather on the 50spf and sit under a cover, otherwise I just use Aveeno all year every day(no sun block), I stay out of the sun as much as possible, like this
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    Hands On

    Tattoo age on VBS

    I just found out that you can purchase season 2 on Amazon. I felt like it was worth it, to have these in a library and not have to count on my DVR keeping it. I'm also hoping that supporting it with my purchase is an indication of its success and potentially helps lead to more episodes in the future!!
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    I guess they didn't get the answer they wanted.
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    Opinions and advice

    That's the kind of thing that we notice much more than anyone else. I bet 99 out of 100 people would never notice it unless you pointed it out. To me, it's just a foregone conclusion that tattoos are going to change shape a little when you move the part of your body that they're on. If it bugs you, just make sure your arm is straight when showing someone for the first time. Other that that just relax. I bet in a month you won't even think about it.
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    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    I've never seen a tattoo that looked blown out and then later looked normal, but maybe someone else has. Listen, EVERYONE is telling you to calm down and let it heal. AFTER it heals, in 6-8 weeks, you'll know what it will look like. Here's the thing - You can't fix blow-outs, so it doesn't really matter if it's blown out or not. No, they are NOT normal, but they do happen. It's not always the artist's fault, they tend to happen more on thin, delicate skin. Tattoos are not perfect. I've never seen a tattoo that you couldn't find something wrong with if you looked hard enough. If perfection is your goal, I wouldn't get any more.
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    Mixing styles?

    welcome I have many different styles and I have color and B&G tattoos, and I am perfectly fine with that. there are no rules, whatever you like on your body.
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    Hi guys, and a question

    And you've paid a deposit and you've got an appointment date. Go ahead, but if they cancel again, I'd ask for the deposit back and make a stink if they don't give it. Not having time to draw the tattoo is a bullshit excuse for cancelling since they had 3 month's notice.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    😎 I hope you ate'em.
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    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    And I'm back! Had my first session a few days ago, we went for about 7 and a half hours or so and got all the outline done. Was definitely a tough session, the kidneys, parts just below my neckline and the tailbone were all particularly unpleasant. I'm hoping the shading will go a little easier on me. We're going to add some more at some point so that my ass is covered, probably flowers or some cool swirling wind bars. Next session is another day in about three weeks or so. I couldn't be happier with how its looking currently, I just wish I didn't have the view intruded upon by the old pieces, still, they'll be gone soon enough! I can't wait to see how it all unfolds from here really.