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  1. Hey Ryan. We talked in ur introduction thread, 6 months ago. I thought u would have got ur tat already. But u take ur time and that's for the best. Still, don't overthink it, just go and meet the tattoo artist of ur choice. All those artists u found look fine, and if no one can figure which is best suited to you but urself, I like Shaun Webber's style the best. Now regarding the phoenix u showed, don't worry that it may be too much details, the artist will make his own design anyway using ur phoenix as a reference, just like any respectable artist would do, u don't want a tattoo artist t
  2. Yes, but I'd rather not pay. I see u have a big bike. I don't know about u, but when choosing mine, I selected according tons of technical, practical, esthetic reasons, but here and there, a little bit, I also wondered how would it look from a hot girl perspective. It didn't play a major role in my decision, but I did consider it. That's probably what a wanky try-hard would say but I don't think it makes me a wanky try-hard.
  3. Ok Ryan, listen to the ladies, or they'll make u regret ur tattoo and a few other things. :(
  4. Hey, It's common in art schools to have the most skilled people excelling with one particular technique and be blocked on some random others. I'd suggest to start back from zero and to try put ur current skills aside by not using or referring to them at all. One big paper, a charcoal, and perspective as an exercise is a good place to start. Take a spherical, a cubical and a conical objects, preferably all white, put one strong light on ur scene and arrange them in a nice composition, and start wasting paper.. When u're happy with perspective focused drawing, start focusing on values, tone
  5. Interesting theory. U sure ur friend wasn't hiring escorts? They sure pass the word... Just teasing. I see ur point, I'm timid and it feels great when I succeed to stand up and go to that woman, it does come from inside indeed. But if u're all pimped out with a 5000$ suit, the latest Rolex, and tattoos poking out everywhere, you may feel more confident than when caught on ur moped with ur flip flops. I'm glad for ur friend, but the timid guys can use a bit of pimping. One can't just turn from timid to rockstar, but getting a cool tattoo can make one feel a bit closer. A bit like getting a
  6. Cheers, it's for a leg from knee to foot which is gonna be awesome. :cool:
  7. Yes. That is the guy. Thank u shrocks, u get a thanks and u're my hero, not bad for a 1st post. Thank u man.
  8. Ryan starts his 1st thread being 100% honest, he's due some honesty in return... Who wouldn't want a tattoo that does just that? If u lack confidence with hot women, like a guy I know, and feel a tattoo is just what u need to be more daring towards them, then get a big dragon, panther or eagle indeed.
  9. Yo. I'm a newbie too and got a single sailor tattoo on my left shoulder. I like that u're honest and confess u wanna be more attractive to hotter girls. Moreover it is only ur secondary motivation, the 1st being it to carry one good advice about life. U want to boost ur opinion of self-fulfillment and ur self-confidence with a tattoo that reminds u to do the things u care for in ur own life, and makes u feel more attractive. I think ur motivations are as good as they get, but I'm a newbie so I'd still listen carefully to the positive comments above to make sure ur tattoo is as beautiful a
  10. Hey, thanks to u both. Since u're up for the challenge already, here's a head start: London Tattoo Convention | London Tattoo Convention | News.com.au Picture was taken in Tobacco Dock during London Tattoo Convention 2009, on sept 25th. This guy's style is exactly what I want for a huge tattoo, nothing else I've ever seen corresponds me as much, hope someone here can help...
  11. Bonjour y'all, My name is Brice. I'm a French designer in Shanghai since about 9 years with a single & small left-shoulder sailor tattoo. Now I just come back from a holiday in Bali where I've seen so many people with so many tattoos, few I liked and most I hated (the tattoos), I'm thinking of getting a big one, and to get it right. In order to get that tattoo, I need to find a tattoo artist and only have a picture of him in 2009 London Tattoo Convention... I'll soon ask in the general forum. So please wish me luck more than welcome... Cheers.
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