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  1. Yeah Im looking at artist's gallery. I have a couple of guys I am looking at. I am getting it on my shoulder/arm (no chest). #1 https://instagram.com/sloppymonkeytits/ #2 Patrick Turanyi Bio and Artworks | The Tradewinds Tattoo | Toms River, NJ #3 Shaun Webber Bio and Artworks | The Tradewinds Tattoo | Toms River, NJ #4 Angel Pacheco Bio and Artworks | The Tradewinds Tattoo | Toms River, NJ What do you think?
  2. This would be first tattoo. I want it on my left shoulder going down to just below my elbow. Do you think it is too big or detailed for that location on my body? I also would like to incorporate the quote "limits like fears are often just an illusion". It is a phoenix. I want it to be black and white. No color. And how much do you think it would cost as a rough estimate? http://mytattooartgallery.com/phoenix-bird-tattoo-symbolic-beauty/amazing-black-and-white-style-phoenix-tattoos-designs/
  3. Bingo. Thank you. Yes first and foremost a tattoo i hope will motivate me to be a better person.
  4. Hi everybody my name is Ryan. Much of my High School years was robbed by depression and loneliness. I went to college and really grew up, but i dont think you should ever stop trying to improve yourself. You should always be striving to better yourself. I dont plan on stopping. I want to get a tattoo so that i wake up in the morning and look at it, it will remind me to strive to better. I was thinking my first tattoo be a picture depicting these lines "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" I was thinking of getting it on my shoulder. What picture do you think would be a good representation of this? I'm not sure if i should be posting this here, but what do you all think about this? Is this corny or feminine? Do you think girls will be attracted to this? Part of me wants to be more bad to be attractive to hotter girls