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  1. Starting my rib piece during spring break. Koi design with a skeleton body.
  2. Yesterday,back of the forearm.4 hrs. Need another 10 hrs. to finish up the color on my sleeve.
  3. Adding tiger to the outside of the forearm in sept.
  4. Getting my old tattoo covered up at the bottom of my arm with a couple of piranhas. Appointment on the 23rd. 10 sessions later lol.
  5. Going back in the second week of march. Should have most of the dragon colored in.
  6. rust1d


    Bronsen ramos. He's an apprentice, so i figure i'd volunteer some skin lol.
  7. Second session of color on the 18th in a couple of weeks. Continuing on with the dragon.
  8. rust1d


    Bronsen started the color on the dragon. Think we'll change the color of the snout and inside of the mouth to red in the next session.
  9. Main outline done. Color and filler needed.
  10. Going to start color. Adding tiger to outer forearm and piranha on the bottom.
  11. Think i'll add some piranhas to the outside of the forearm.
  12. Are you from the lower mainand? I'm from the cariboo.5 hrs. Away.
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