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  1. thanks for all the kind words and advice everyone! ill post pics of it done later on when it happens.
  2. just wanna point out that i remeber watching a news segment about sunscreen. most people use about a quarter size for a fairly large portion of their body(think as if youre applying regular lotion to your body), and only apply it once every few hours or so. well the doctor on the segment was saying that this is almost useless. people need to be using WAY more than a quarter size, and applying it atleast every 30-60 minutes.
  3. whenever it gets itchy i just apply some lotion, and that seems to soothe it... speaking of which, ihave a question. so i got tattood a week and 2 days ago. first 3-4 days i used aquaphor. now, i lotion a few times a day. its starting to flake/peel, at what point should i stop the lotion? or do i continue until its actually all healed up and not peeling anymore?
  4. at my old job i worked at a body shop. one of the auto-body painters got "america" tattood on his fore-arm area. since hes a painter, he obviously got paint all over his arms throughout the day. his aftercare? he would rub lacquer-thinner over his BRAND NEW tattoo. he says it was the only way to get the clear coat off of his arm. he "hates that shit man, its all sticky and shit"
  5. the shop is spacious. they are really friendly and nice. jillian is who tattood me, and she was nice..never even took a break during our session. we started a bit late, but she tattood me longer as well (and didnt charge me for the extra half hour) and also cut down the price a bit to make the taxes a bit nicer on my wallet. i actually made a post about the (unfinished) tattoo. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-advice/5918-how-my-tattoo-turning-out-also-i-would-like-opinions-what-colors-do.html#post102030
  6. i got my first tattoo a week ago. i admit, i know nothing of what makes a good tattoo, a good tattoo. what a good tattoo artists' portfolio looks like compared to a bad one. what i do know is, that the place i went to has excellent yelp reviews, and also i am very satisfied with my tattoo so far and thats what matters the most! http://i.imgur.com/H7R4VVY.jpg http://i.imgur.com/EX6KdvL.jpg so theres the outline that we got done with. the coloring will be done in another week if im done flaking by then. but what are your opinions on it? do you see anything horribly bad with it that i could ask my tattoo artist to fix while im there? after having the tattoo im kind of wishing the compass was a little more interesting. and also had NESW on it as well. maybe that could be easily added? i imagine the tattoo as a whole will look a lot better when the shading is actually there. speaking of which, what colors should i do? my tattoo artist and i were thinking that the colors we do end up putting on it, wont be flamboyant or dominant. nice, subtle colors. brown for the boat, blue to black water, maybe red/green/blue on the compass?
  7. id go back to the artist if possible
  8. its easier to do with smaller tattoos :p
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