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    seattleite got a reaction from Pleadco in Shops in the Pacific Northwest?   
    the shop is spacious. they are really friendly and nice. jillian is who tattood me, and she was nice..never even took a break during our session. we started a bit late, but she tattood me longer as well (and didnt charge me for the extra half hour) and also cut down the price a bit to make the taxes a bit nicer on my wallet.
    i actually made a post about the (unfinished) tattoo. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-advice/5918-how-my-tattoo-turning-out-also-i-would-like-opinions-what-colors-do.html#post102030
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    seattleite got a reaction from Shaun1105 in how is my tattoo turning out? and also, i would like opinions on what colors to do.   
    thanks for all the kind words and advice everyone! ill post pics of it done later on when it happens.
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