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    im 26 and have only been working in skin for a year and a half
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    Fort Wayne IN
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    tattoo artist

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  1. ive got no problem with anyones response. i try to direct them to something along the lines of what they come in with but so many times they want that image exactly. sometimes i feel like i need to work on how i commuincate to clients and other times i think people just need to stop being followers. in reality its probably a little of both. thanks for the feed back guys. really do appreciate it.
  2. I have people coming into the shop all the time wanting things they pull off google and they want that image exactly. I turn them away everytime cause i dont plagiarize art work. How can i talk people out of these google image tattoo ideas and do more of my own work? Any advice is welcome, im tired of starving cause people are dead set on an image already on someone.
  3. There so many dope things you can do with water color designs, and theres still a lot of open space there. A dope water color rose or bird would set that forearm off!!!
  4. Kent holse jr.
  5. Kent holse jr.
  6. what is the tattoo? do you have a picture of it?
  7. solid black nipple. felt like a cigarette was being put out on it lol. after that prolly the ribs
  8. roman killed that sleeve. curious to see what itll look like in 20 years.
  9. custom script is the best. no internet font can compare to some hand drawn, nice, flowing script. theres plenty of books, i have one called the lettering guide. dont settle for some computer generated font.
  10. I could paint a water color trash design, its still a trash piece. An eagle with banner is generally gonna be traditional, doesnt matter if it was done in water color, colored pencil, oil paint, etc. Im referring to the splashy pink and blue water color designs. Not traditional designs, done in water color.
  11. I think it depends on the design if it will age well. Alot of it is no outline and will muddy and fade over years, but you can use outlines, its not against the rules. So many people love these water color, painterly tattoos, and theyre really nothing more than girly or colorful trash polka.
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